Cricket The Popular Sport

Cricket The Popular Sport

Cricket is a most interesting game, when it comes to the match. All the people of India love to enjoy watching cricket. But no one knows when cricket has been first played and also who has introduced in first. We can also say that the Indians are addicted to the sport game cricket. We can notice the smile when we speak about cricket in front of them. Eve we can say like this, that is they will give their soul for the cricket. It is the time in the world where ICC cricket world cup 2015 is going on, all the people of the world are eagerly watching the matches in the home by television or in online or also in the stadium where the match is going on or in FM radios. The people are eagerly waiting for their country mans to win the match. There is latest news of world cup cricket matches that the people are praying their god a lot to make their country mans to win the world cup trophy for the year 2015.

The other news in the latest world cup match is that in this 2015th year, totally 14 teams had been participated in the world cup tournament. Whereas the next world cup match is going to be held on 2019, in which the International Cricket Council have taken decision that in 2019 only 10 teams are going to be participate in the match. And now it is the time for the ICC cricket world cup 2015, the final match is to going to be held on 29th march 2015. And today that is on 28th February, the match is between Australia and West Indies, and also between India and United Arab Emirates. The match was quite interesting, and the people are waiting for their team to win it. Totally 8 matches are going to be conducted in the India and 4 match in Sri Lanka and 2 matches in Bangladesh.

Women’s In Cricket

Not only the man’s are playing the cricket but also the women’s are engaged themselves in playing cricket. They are very fond of playing it. The matches are also conducted for them in district, state and national levels. There are also many viewers for their play. The first match for the women that is the international women’s test match has been conducted on December 1934. The Women’s Cricket Association is the council for the women’s cricket team. World cup for the women also conducted to encourage them and to bring the empowerment of women to this world. The first world cup for women has started in the year 1973. With all this implementation, now in this modern women’s cricket has become more popular than the other sports met for the women, women’s have shown their power to this world and proved to the world that they are not only fit to be in their home with their works. And also cricket is very popular in England than in the other countries.

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