Cricket t20 u-17

Cricket t20 u-17

Posted on November 9, 2023 by in Cricket

Jakarta – The National Cricket Championship was held for the third time in order to find the seeds of seeded players. This year’s national championship was held in two places, Cibubur Cricket Ground and the Jakarta State University Softball Field, as well as bring into the two categories: U-17 and U-23.

A total of 36 teams from 12 provinces participated in this national championship. Team U-17 and U-23 got different rules. U-17 team to play with the T20 format (20 overs maximum), while the U-23 team in the format Super 8 (50 overs maximum).

The purpose of this national championship is to find quality seeds cricketers. Because the accident Indonesia will host the 2018 Asian Games, then the player who is monitored will also be prepared for the quadrennial event.

“We will try to bring Indonesia to the 2018 Asian Games because we knew then we were going to host. Kejurnas is used to find quality seeds which will be formed into the national team. In addition, this event also as preparation for PON (National Sports Week) 2016, “said chairman of Central Association of Cricket Indonesia James Tangkudung, Tuesday (23/9).

Some players elected will be included into the championship cricket in Brisbane, Australia, in November.

According to the Secretary General of the PP PCI Arsyad Ahmadin, Indonesia was ranked fifth in the Asia Pacific region. But in Asia, Indonesia still lags behind. Especially if you compare it with India and Pakistan.

The reality in the field, the quality of the athletes the game of cricket is still not exactly good. How bowler throws the ball to the batsman is still not right. Supposedly a bouncing ball toward the batsman, but more of that later along the ground because of the strength of his throws less tight.

Fields used was still very far from decent. UNJ on the softball field, undulating land surface, the grass was sparse. Indonesia has had little decent cricket pitch.

One PP PCI board that comes from New Zealand, Robert Baldwin called the use of the softball field UNJ to cricket as a joke.

“In the West, playing here is a joke. For adults or professional field is totally unsuitable for use. But let it be, yet they are still children, the important thing is they play,” said Baldwin.

Baldwin, who also has a cricket club said he was not sure the children regularly practice. Limitations of the tool and the field becomes a barrier. Not to mention the fact that cricket was not a popular sport in Indonesia.

Jakarta team coach, MASTRI Juniarto expressed similar things. U-23 team is a routine practice six days a week since June. But the new U-17 team practice last month with a frequency of up to three days a week.

“They’re still a lot of school, so it was hard. And this is just a combination of the two schools,” said the man who usually called Bolang it.

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