Cricket -Most

Cricket -Most

Cricket -Most favourable international game

Sport is an interesting and favourite field for most of the people in the world. Some have their hobbies in playing games. In particular Cricket a most favourite sport for many of the individual who are even diehard fan for cricket. Cricket is much popular game than any other game. Cricket has been celebrated like festivals in countries like India. It was introduced by the British country and now it has developed its roots strong in India. It gains an international status of all the game.

Cricket in general is a bat and ball game. The game takes place in the huge ground where there is place called pitch at centre of the ground which gives the player to play well in the round. The game is played between two countries for trophies. The two sides include bowling and batting. This can be decided by the tossing of coin before the captain of both the team. The coin ensures the team to play bowling or batting on the wish of the toss winning team. Each team of the game consists of 11 players and also there are some players stocked for emergency. The batting team can score runs either hitting the ball to four and sixes and even can get a single or double with the help of the partner with the other bats man. The bowler always aims to make the batman out of the game.

Usually there are 3 kinds of matches’ takes place. They are one day cricket match which takes 50 over’s for each team. In general each over consists of 6 balls. Within this limited over’s, the players has to take maximum run and make challenges to the other team. The other team has to get at least a single run over the first played to win the match. The one day cricket match is the most exiting match who takes place all over a day and night. It also creates a nail biting situation to the viewers of both the team.

Test matches which are takes place for days and are played maximum of 450 overs. It mostly takes 4 to 5 days of the team spirit. There will be a break between the days of the ongoing match known to be rest day. The match goes very slowly as snail. It sometimes creates dullness and boring situation for the viewers. This kind of match has two innings as first and second innings. At the last days, the team with highest score has been declared as the winner of the match.

The next one is Twenty- twenty match where the overs are 20 for each team. It’s now become more popular in this game. Each team has to score maximum run within this 20 over to win the trophies. The world cup trophy is the heart of all the countries that participate in the game need to go for many matches and get finalized to win the match. The game can be played as internationally or zonal wise, interstate also. This game not only played by men, it also played for the category under 18, for women cricket too.