Cricket Betting

Cricket Betting

Cricket is one of the sports that have a provision for online betting. However, it can arguably be said that a lot of people worldwide do not have even the slightest idea on what actually goes on in the game except those who play or rather the countries which have it as a big sport like in India. Despite this reality, the bookmakers continually provide an opportunity to bet on the game.

As a bettor, it would be of interest to see your stake earn you good returns. This does not come easily because you have to follow what goes on during the games or in the tournaments be it the series or in the world cup. Ideally, there are some aspects that are critical for any match. How fit are the players? Is the team battling with injuries or even specifically is the star player injured because of the frequency of injuries occurring in the sport.

What are the conditions in terms of weather and the playing field? Rain is particularly a thorn in the flesh because of the external nature of play and it affects everything ranging from strategy, running or even batting. Who has the greatest form? Which team do you think has the confidence to pip all the others?

After all that consideration, you can now wager. The online betting accords an opportunity to among others do the following:-

Pre-Match betting

Try and predict which team do you think will emerge victorious and what you suppose will the scores look like at the end. If you look at the individual players, gauging from their recent performances you could try and predict the best batsman, bowler or who will emerge as the man of the match.

In-Play Betting

Try your luck involving the runs during the match. The cumulative number of runs, whether they will be odd or even, whether under or over batsman and the next over runs. You could also tell us who the next person will be out.

Live in play bets

As the match is continuing, online betting offers you an opportunity to gauge from what is actually happening and predict the end result. You can alter the bet and shift goal posts on who to back or not to.