cricket betting bookmakers

cricket betting bookmakers

Cricket is a different genre when placed in a lineup with other sports like football simply because it takes quite longer allowing the betting geeks to play with the odds and observe market fluctuation in regards to live betting. On other bets, it remains a favorite where different bookmarkers from the UK and other regions continue to offer more markets and coverage.

For any punter, it is an absolute straightforward process to make money on cricket betting especially with features like money-back programs and odd boosts. Under current updates, it is right for any better to have an avid mastery of some reputable cricket bookmarkers and sites before delving to some news making headlines in 2019.

Cricket Sites and Bookmarkers

William Hill – it is a well-embraced bookie by the Brits for running top-value promotions in every cricket season.

Betway – it is one site that has British Sports around her perks and in cricket, it is all amazing to see good promos and an ocean range.

Betfred- Betfred is a bookie that has been in the industry for quite a while and as a punter, you can expect a fair deal in markets and top offers.

Ashes Series and the World Cup Cricket

In the last quarter of 2019, it is going down in England where this time round they have the privilege of hosting 71st Ashes series with the host country having an all-time record of 32 wins 33 losses and 5 draws. Fitting in the punter’s expectations, this competition presents gamblers with a chance to test their predictive abilities in a world test of cricket where the majority is expecting a great showdown between Australia and the UK side.

Reminiscing on the events of 2017-2018 where Brits succumbed to a 4-0 defeat from Australia reveals that despite being a thriller it is also going to be a whitewash for many cricket bettors.

Going by the event pack in England this last half of 2019 there will be two major cricket events where the next big deal is the Cricket World Cup, which is currently underway with the final expected in July. As a betting enthusiast, you should know that England is a favorite in this competition and are ranked best globally.

This has steered interesting bonuses and offers on different sites inclusive of ante-post or in play. According to news desk in matters betting, the main task is analyzing statistics and it is no secret that like Ashes series so is the ICC competition considering Australia dominance with over 5 titles.

Even as good news continues to spread pertaining to cricket betting, there also have been continuous rough edges in the game. Precisely, there have been numerous syndicates leading to arrests and held ups from authorities. Like recently in Ramgopalpet, 6 people were grilled for their involvement in cricket betting rackets with cash and other valuables being withheld. Beyond the speed gun and betting, it is prudent to put in exercise the words of Jon Hotten who argues that it is worth remembering the full meaning of the game. Therefore, as you pat yourself having been up to date with the latest news on cricket and betting also adhere to game ethics.