Cricket and the latest news in the cricket

Cricket and the latest news in the cricket

There are many games which found all over the world and apart from all the different games, the most important game is said to be the cricket which is the lifetime favorite game for many people. There is a huge importance which is been given to the cricket and people who play cricket love the game greatly. Other than the people who play the cricket it is found that the people who watch the cricket really love the game to a very greatly. There are different matches which are been conducted in the cricket game and now in the present trend, the most exciting and the interesting format of conducting the match is found to be T20. Here is some of the news related to the T20 match.

Samuel in Kolkata

This Sunday was a great day for the most famous cricket player who is named as Samuel. He is the cricket player who has all the skills in playing the cricket. He played the most interesting match on the last Sunday and he made it as his great record. In that match, he was found to be in a very high – pressure as it was the final match. He is the right-hand player and he played this winning match with much interest as he played very excellently and he finally got the man of the match title which made him feel proud and he removed his shirts and he was filled with great joy when he got the title.

Shahid Ali leading the Young team

The great player belonging to the cricket team in Pakistan is now leading the young team which comprises the four players who are uncapped and it is found to be effective. In the recently concluded Asia cup, the great team in the Pakistan is found to be the mere shadow of them and this team tried to fight back effectively. They went through severe practice and they planned to win the series. Their hard work encouraged them a lot and they worked severely. This is making them remove the words of the critics. They have also obtained the name as the best players and they are doing their best to their country through their game which is cricket. They are trying to fight back and they are trying to get the name back.

It is said that the two great players of Pakistan who are the Mohammad Hafeez and he Umar Akmal are expected to make more runs in the team and the fans are also suggesting this fact as a true fact. The role of the Hafeez is found to be highly crucial in the top of the order and in the upcoming match people are expecting a lot from these two players. In the middle over the player, Akmal will be greatly expected to do more.