Count the cards in Blackjack!

Count the cards in Blackjack!

The principle of card counting in blackjack is to follow the cards of the game with some technique in order to get the ratio of cards strong or weak to distribute. The strong cards in a hoof is advantageous for the player. Counting cards in Blackjack is a technique that allows players to take advantage of the house. Only, you need to have a good command of this game technique to maximize more winnings.

Principle of card counting

The principle of the game of blackjack is quite different from other casino games, especially roulette. In this card game, winning probabilities vary with each hand depending on the composition of the shoe: this consists of the unprinted prints, each print has a great impact on the composition of the future prints.

Counting cards in blackjack consists of following one or more cards with some methodical technique to get the ratio of weak or strong cards remaining to be distributed.

If the ratio shows that there are more strong cards to play in the hoof, the hoof is said to be “hot”. The card counter will try to increase his bets in order to put all the chances on his side. Card counting also consists of staying focused throughout the game to count and follow the cards.

What is the recommended card counting system?

There are several and different techniques for counting cards in a blackjack game. But, some e counting system are much simpler and very efficient: the HI-LO count or more / minus.

Useful is to know that the vast majority of card counting systems use a positive count. When the count of the cards turns out to be positive, it means that there are more weak cards played and the hoof contains a much higher percentage of strong cards.

However, be aware that most card counting systems allows players to get an extra edge on the house. This is a very strategic technique that allows players to get closer at least to the number 21. However, it is important to pay attention to this trick in online casino rooms. Casino players do their utmost to discourage players from using this technique to maximize online winnings.