Corruption scandal

Corruption scandal

Posted on June 13, 2024 by in Football
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Corruption scandal in FIFA. The revision of the French Federation

Corruption scandal in FIFA:

– French police duty searches in the office Federation Francaise de Football – announced Swiss Prosecutor General’s Office , which oversees the investigation into the corruption scandal in FIFA. – These actions are related to the transfer made by Sepp Blatter to Micha-ela Platini. The said transfer “sank” the head of UEFA, and – thanks to the suspension, and later disqualification nałożonychgo by the Ethics Committee – eliminated him from the fight for the inheritance Blatterze. During the Swiss investigation it found that Blatter Platini has shed 1.8 million Swiss francs. In an interview with “Le Monde” Platini explained that the salary for “consulting services.”

According to his version in 1998, FIFA president hired him to work for one million Swiss francs per year. Blatter then had to recognize that it is too much and declined the offer to 300,000. The money is still coming in, but not so Platini himself for not admonished and four years of work demanded two million francs. Investigative zainterosowały two threads – the first was the lack of documents, including contracts of employment, which would justify the transfer, and the second the same amount. Four times 300,000 are still 1.2 million, not 1.8. Platini explained to … roztargnieniem.Środowe search may suggest that the affair appeared a new topic, the prosecutor did not disclose. Two weeks ago, FIFA Appeal Committee reduced the periods of disqualification Plati-him and Blatter from eight to six years. Their success, however, was moderate – both demanded the annulment of the sentence in whole.

Jackpot bet online fids out few words that the PSG legend Zlatan Ibra said about his future in france and about the current situation that the French football federation is in.

PSG’s players on Sunday are theoretically confirmed a fourth consecutive title of champion of France, and the best player Zlatan Ibrahimovic again came into the limelight.

Ibrahimović is “demolishing” the last placed Troe of up to 9-0 participated with four goals, and then after the game, a reporter’s question whether to remain in the PSG next season and said:

“I’m staying in Paris Eiffel Tower if instead set my monument.”

The Swede admitted that they are unlikely to remain in Paris.

“What I’m thinking now safely go, but do not ask me where. I have another month and a half contract with PSG and I want to enjoy this time. Not only me, but all PSG fans, with whom I have a great relationship,” said 34 year-old Ibrahimovic, who has offers from top European clubs.

Zlatan stressed that the PSG wants to win the Champions League, and then with Sweden will have a farewell participation in the European Championship in France. “When he finishes EURO, then I’ll know my future.”

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