Controversy over US sports betting laws

Controversy over US sports betting laws

Posted on November 10, 2023 by in Betting
Controversy over US sports betting laws

A congressional committee in the United States is reviewing federal gambling laws in that country, which has included a ban on sports betting for 24 years, and plans to introduce comprehensive legislation that will also address the issue of daily fantasy games and Other forms of betting.

Frank Pallone Jr., the New Jersey representative, told ESPN that federal laws regulating gambling are “obsolete” and “must be updated urgently,” including those that deal with sports betting. The Pallone office did not provide a time frame for the new legislation, but dialogue with stakeholders is already under way.

“The laws need a thorough review to see how they can work together and create a fairer environment for all types of bets, either online or in person, including sports betting and fantasy games every day,” said Pallone, Democrat best placed in the Home Trade and Energy Committee.

“At the same time, we must ensure that laws are created for an environment of integrity and accountability, including robust protections for the consumer. I plan to continue talking with the key owners of the shares and then introduce comprehensive legislation to update these outdated laws once and for all. ”

The rise in popularity of fantasy sports games on a daily basis and the controversy surrounding their legal status was what prominently exposed this issue. The committee had an assembly on the matter and focused on the federal laws on bets that have not been able to consistently follow the technology and are viewed by some as inconsistent.

“Fantasy games on a daily basis basically involve sports betting,” said Jan Schakowsky, the Illinois Democrat, in the assembly.

The foundations of federal laws that include sports betting include three statutes: The Professional and Amateur Sport Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA), the Federal Cable Act of 1961 and the Internet Gambling Illegally Act 2006 (UIGEA).

Potential up-to-date legislation would seek to harmonize all these laws. PASPA prohibits states from sponsoring sports bets on all but a couple of them, and only Nevada can allow betting on individual matches. However, Americans are not having trouble finding ways to bet on sports.

The American Gambling Association (AGA) estimates that the number of illegal gambling in the sport reaches $ 149 billion in the United States thanks largely to out-of-country bookmakers that are not regulated and runners Of local bets.

By comparison, legal bets on Nevada homes were 4.3 billion in 2015. States in need of money have realized the tax-free funds that are leaving their borders.

New Jersey, for example, has invested millions of dollars in legal costs. These have been used to challenge the NCAA and the most prominent professional leagues in the US.Against PASPA and to introduce its second appeal to the Supreme Court on this issue.

In addition, Pennsylvania passed a resolution earlier this year urging Congress to “cancel the federal ban on sports betting and allow states to authorize, license and regulate casinos, including the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in order to legalize Betting on sports through its licensed facilities. ”

Gary Pretlow, New York, is planning a legal challenge against PASPA by 2017.

The most important sports leagues in the United States, meanwhile, are not moving so fast. Roger Goodell, an NFL commissioner, said Wednesday at a Houston owners’ meeting that the league is still “very much against the legalization of betting in the sport.”

Sources close to the situation have told ESPN that the general opposition of the league is not shared by all the owners of each team. Those points of view could be revealed in 2017, when the Raiders owner (Mark Davis) is expected to officially apply to move his franchise to Las Vegas. A majority of three quarters of the owners are required to approve any move.

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