Conclusions of the Executive Committee of CEJ held on November 5th

Conclusions of the Executive Committee of CEJ held on November 5th

Within the Executive Committee of CEJ, held on November 5th, among other actions, the sales situation of traditional Bingo, Electronic and Online Bingo was discussed, the report of the last meeting of the Joint Committee was presented, Look at the meeting of the State Observatory of the Bingo Sector and exposed the progress of the expansion of Electronic Bingo Room.

First of all, we examined the sales situation of both Traditional Bingo and Electronic and Online Bingo. Specifically, in the case of traditional late in the third quarter Bingo, the trend of rising sales continues, with a loss of strength in late September.

Furthermore, the report of the last meeting of the Joint Commission was presented and the denunciation of the agreement made by the unions was discussed.

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on the other hand, look at the meeting of the National Observatory Bingo Sector where the answer to the Ministry of Finance to the application lodged by the Observatory was set analyzed. In fact, the EUMC agreed to study the possibility of recourse to international bodies notably with the European Commission, in order to uphold the interests of the sector and report if any dysfunctions resulting in it the Spanish tax system.

company of Jesús Álamo improves its accounts and foresees to continue to grow with the relief of the economic crisis. The company Acrismatic, dedicated to gambling and casinos and proprietor of the firm Casinos de Mediterráneo, proprietor of the Casino of Alicante had last year A significant increase in income and profits, while restructuring its debt with banks and the Administration, as is reported today by the newspaper Expansión.

Finally, Presented the advances of the expansion of Electronic Bingo of Sala. In this sense, the Community of Madrid is still in the process of homologation of the game systems, while La Rioja and Galicia are in advanced phase of regulatory adjustment; In Extremadura a pilot test is accepted for all rooms in the Community; In the Valencian Community a “pilot test” is being proposed; In Andalusia there is a modification proposed to the current process of modification of the current standard of Electronic Bingo, while Cantabria, Catalonia and Castilla-La Mancha are in the process of analysis for the inclusion in the regulation of this new modality.