Common practice and techniques in basketball

Common practice and techniques in basketball

As like other games there is some common practice and techniques in basketball also. Although there are no specific position rules, they have developing as a part of basketball. In the basketball evolution year’s they were using, two forwards, two guards and one centre. But in current trend, coaches advised their players to play position less basketball, where outside free to shoot by big guys and if their ability allows they can do dribble also.

Basketball popular positions descriptions are point guard also called as the “1” usually be the team’s fastest player who organizes the team and need to be sure always that ball is getting to the correct player at the correct time. Shooting guard also known as the “2” creates shots high volume on offense, mostly long-ranged and guards the best perimeter player of opponent’s team on defence. Small forward also called as the “3” is mainly responsible for points scoring through dribble penetration and cuts to the basket; on defence looks for steals and rebounds, but need to play actively on sometimes. Power forward also known as the “4” plays abusively often to the basket back; during defence needs to play against the power of opposing forward or under the basket. Centre is known also as the “5” need to use size and height to score during offense, closely protecting the basket on defence or to rebound.

Shooting is the act of scoring points by aiming and throwing the ball in to the basket which differs according to the situations and players. Normally, while facing the basket the player both the feet is in front of the basket. While shooting, the player will keep the ball in the dominant hand finger tip somewhat above the head and using the other hand to give support to the ball sides. Usually, shooting is takes place by jumping and expanding the shooting arm. Most commonly using shots are jump-shot and set-shot. The set-short is taking place with neither leaving foot from the floor shortly saying it as standing position. But jump-shot is totally different from set-short, since it takes in to the mid-air and ball gets released near the top jump. This needs greater range and power, and it makes the player to rise over the defender. It is considering as a travelling violation, if the player fails to release the ball earlier than returning feet.

Lay-up is the common shot in basketball, as it requires a moving position of the player in to the basket direction, then need to set the ball up and put in to the basket, normally backboard off. The usual highest-percentage accuracy and most crowd-pleasing shot in basketball is the slam dunk, in this the player need to jump very high and throw the ball downstairs in to the basket at the same time as touching it. Circus shot is the another common shot which is a shot of low-percentage that heaved, flipped, flung and scooped in to the hoop on the same time the shooter is airborne, off-balance and falling down. This shot is having very low chance to get successful.

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