College golf

College golf

College golf to be most hit by rules change

It has been a habit substituting players as tournament is in progress among different college coaches. The idea made Oklahoma men’s coach Ryan Hybl sit down with his fellow coaches and try to come up with the best way possible. However, his feedback is not yet genuine. This comes after the set date for the Golf Coaches Association of America’s annual meeting in Las Vegas nears. Cynics are expected to oppose the motion claiming that not every club has adequate players to take with them in every tournament.

Hybl claimed that others will come to indulge more costs which will definitely alter the lively sport. He claimed that it is normal to change one’s team in every aspect within a tournament.

The idea brings clear practicality. For instance in a school team of five golfers, the initial scores should be four at least. In case a player if forced to withdraw from a tournament due to injury or maybe sickness, the team is forced to strive hard and maintain that lead and substitute the injured player with their own efforts without any inclusion of another player. This means that for a school with a clear winning streak in terms of head-to-head will suffer huge impacts if one of their players withdraws and they in the end losses against the underdogs. It is up to the NCAA to rethink about the consequences to be faced by those affected teams.

Hybl also adds that it is in a matter of a single tournament that the following outcome will have sphere consequences. He claims that the substitution rule should not only be based on an injured player but give coaches a chance to implement new faces to their squad to have good results. This idea of substitution would give golfers chances to give their best and brings more competition. For those who won’t strive hard will just sit and watch as their compatriots prevail.

Hybl adds that those who remain at home have no advantage at all. It is expected that this change may take some time before it is implemented but having tabled the discussion will play a big role in the process. Coaches will also be acquitted with the option of selecting the best among the best that would yield best results.