Coba Online Casino Slot Review

Coba Online Casino Slot Review

Posted on November 16, 2023 by in Gambling
Coba Online Casino Slot Review

By knowing the market’s demand, ELK started to work on the new slot. It will release in July 2022. Yes, Coba is one of the best slots ready to come on the market. It consists of images of ancient cities and Mayans. The theme is different from the latest slot machines. You will be pleased to know the features of the game.

Coba slot came with the Cluster Pays system and uses 7 symbols in the complete slot working. On the other side, you can use 6 or 7 rows when working. Let’sLet’s talk about the RTP in the slot machine, then it is only 95%. It may create an issue for users. However, Coba can pay you 25,000x the wage. Collections, snakes, and multipliers are significant features in the slot machine.

Detail of Slot

It is the product of ELK to release in July 2020. There are not any options for mega ways and progressive jackpots. You can place a bet from 20 cents to 100 USD. The amount of RTP is lower for experts.

Betting range and prize

There is not a significant change in the betting rate and payouts. You can use 20 cents to 100 USD to place a bet.

The slot can pay more than 25,000x the stake. However, it will not be easy to win this amount. You must get experience to draw this amount.

Like the other slot of ELK, the amount to RTP settled at 95%.


The theme of the slot machine is unique. It has consisted of Mayan graphics, reasonably expected in the latest slots, and checked before it. There are pyramids on the back screen. These pyramids will hide and not be easy to get again. All the symbols are round to use. They can take the place of gemstones and coins of gold.


At the start of the game, you have to set up 7 rows with every 7 symbols. It will make clusters of winning pairs. When 5 are more connected, the winning symbols will fall on the reels. They can remove by the use of explosion and Avalanche mechanics. The new one will drop down to make the additional clusters.

When you form a cluster, they will remove automatically. The meter of the snake will fill automatically with the winning symbols. There will be 4 levels to this meter. All the snakes will release on the reels. In level one, you will get one snake, 2 in level two, and three in level 3. However, 6 snakes will fall on the 4th level.


Coba slot is good because of having some good reasons. However, we failed to give you a handsome amount of RTP. If you have experience and motivation, you can win the amount of 25,000x. At last, I would like to ask you to leave this game to inexperienced people. They can get some experience by playing this slot machine.

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