Clone Bonus Slot Review

Clone Bonus Slot Review

Clone Bonus Slot has some features of Clone Bonus 7. It schedules to release in June 2020 for all kinds of casino points. Moreover, you can also play it online by using the smartphone. Clone Bonus Slots will give you all the real input to unlock the slot machine’s functions and features. Having some new features in the Slot is ready to cover the entire casino market. Books of Ra vibes are another same look of Clone Bonus slot. The presence of graphics in the attractive shape made the Slot very useful among the others.

Clone Bonus Slot has all the functions which used to play online. You should install the required software and applications for running the Slot on the phone and the PC.

Functions in the Slot Machine

There are three reels in the Slot but only pay-lines. It showed that this slot consisted of a minimal area to cover. We have unusual functions and features also which enhanced the quality of the Slot. Most of the people who loved to play the Slot have a chance to gain maximum here. The amount of RTP and payout are the two main hidden things to decrease the value of play. On the other hand, the symbols of scattering, regular, and wilds will surely give more than the fixes by the makers of the Slot. You need to be aware of all the functions like free Slots, multipliers, free spins, and stacks to get a better result.

Betting Range and Payout

We have to give some coins to the makers for playing any Slot of casino. The new player has to get experience first then to play a Slot of high profile. You can see this range of betting at the lower side of the casino screen. Clone Bonus has posted the pair of betting, which started from only $0.25 to a maximum of $25. We can do all the required with the help of this pair. The reels and lines have to cover with this small and colossal amount. While on the other hand, a gambler has an excellent chance to gain a massive jackpot at the end of the Slot. A lot of free spins and Slots also favor the player at the time of need. You do not worry about the bad features in the Slot. Some high-value functions cleared it with the additional work.

How to Play Clone Bonus Slot?

Interestingly, this Slot has just a small area and three reels. Expert gamblers liked a small area of a Slot because it is easy to control a few symbols in any slot machine.  Bonus spins played a vital role at the start of the Slot, and it will give a lot of free spins and Slots with the interval of time. We also have three parts to use from the BONUS feature.

Free spins are available for use if he handled the triggered from the Bonus. The strength of Clone will help you to get the valuable hidden features to fix the positions of all the symbols. You have to spread these symbols on the reels for making the combinations and pairs. Online betting and working are easy as compared to the other playing options.

The Theme of Slot Machine

The Slot’s theme showed the symbol of fruits, which is so amazing for the first time. Only the design and layout would depress the player in the Slot. All the images and symbols took from the 90s style. The makers must think about the quality of this Slot and others in the market. The emblem of Bonus and graphics lifted the importance. Star, Bells, Plums, and Cherries are magnificent on the theme. We have not anything in the slot to tell the players.


It has some unusual functions, but payout and volatility would be a problem. We can say that Clone Bonus is a Slot of good and bad features. The amount of Return to the player and small area created some severe headaches for the users in the entire world. I suggest to the users no to play this if you do not have any experience.