Cleopatras Coins: Treasure of the Nile Casino Game Review

Cleopatras Coins: Treasure of the Nile Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Cleopatras Coins Treasure of the Nile Casino Game Review

Cleopatras Coins: Treasure of Nile is another slot of the Rival Gaming which is scheduled to release in 2020 for all the lovers of the casino. A couple of addition in the last slot is to get a better response from the players of the casino. The tale of the game is based in Ancient Egypt once again but functions and features are the same as in the last. The Review of the game is consisted of the reels, betting range, pay-lines, multipliers, stacks, and symbols which will give a useful result to the players.

Cleopatras Coins: Treasure of Nile can be played through the help of the smartphone but you must install the required application and software to run the slot. Here is the method to run the slot from its given symbols and functions.

Functions in the Cleopatras Coins: Treasure of Nile

There are 5 reels in the slot and 50 pay-lines for all the areas of the game to release the amount of $75000 which is a very good one for the gambler. There is also a risk in the slot because of doubt in the volatility of the game but the symbols of sticky wilds, re-spins and regular symbols can give some back to the player. Players can enjoy the features of the functions by applying their strategies on the features. All the functions in the slot have been seen many times.

Betting Range and Payout

A group of pairs for betting is available in the slot screen but you have to pick the most reliable for you. The minimum range of betting begins from the $0.50 to the maximum of $125 which is full of enjoyment and fun for the wagers of the casino. It is useful to fill all the lines of 50 of the slot Cleopatras Coins: Treasure of Nile. More than 600x stacks can also be gained through the work on the slot functions and it is the addition to the main amount of the game.

How to Play Cleopatras Coins: Treasure of Nile Casino Slot?

Experts of casino said that there are numerous lists of the options and features in the slot with the addition of the symbols as we have not watched it before in any slot. These functions can create problem to gain the users of casino. There is not any single option in the slot which amused by the players.

The presence of the symbol of wild will fall on the reels to the picture of the scarabs to make the combinations and helped to alternate the symbols with the regulars. To do this work,  get the right symbols to place these on the exact place in a given time. Sticky wilds in this slot have done much work for the players as not in the latest games. By unlocking the reels, free spins and trigger options can be getting at that time. Free spins and multipliers would have come to you without any effort on the symbols and icons in the slot. The rewards from 5x to the 50x can be picked from the given options.

Online Betting for the slot would help the industry of the game because all the casino games created too much fun for the users. But sometimes they failed to win the mega jackpot.

The Theme of the Cleopatras Coins: Treasure of Nile

The theme of the Cleopatras Coins: Treasure of Nile has seen many times before it and it is related to the title of the slot.  Ancient Egypt once again gave another look to the slot with the animated options and the queen also. There are many symbols in the game with the mix up of the functions like the suits of the cards, scarabs, cobra Eye of Ra, pottery, Horus and Ankh symbol related much profit for the gamblers.


failed to give a friendly environment to the player like the payout and the graphics in the slot. It is a medium type casino game but newbies have the chance to make up their deficiencies.

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