Cleopatra Gold Casino Game Review

Cleopatra Gold Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Cleopatra Gold Casino Game Review

Cleopatra Gold casino game is one of the new slots from the IGT with all the required functions and symbols in it. It is scheduled to release in March 2020 for all the casino points all over the world. The Review of the Game is consisted of all the reels, betting range, pay-lines, and payout to impress the players of the casino. The tale of the game is based on the Ancient Egyptian with the symbol symbols and features. Most of the functions in the slot, we have seen the first time in the market.

The Cleopatra Casino game can be played online by paying a betting amount to the makers of the game through online transactions like the PayPal and Visa card but it will be interesting to amuse with it.


The slot included with the 5 reels as usual in the past and 20 pay-lines for the casino players. It is the mix up of the various symbols and high volatility also with the maximum jackpot of 1,750x and minimum RTP. The symbols of scatters, wilds, Gold spins, and Royals will do the work to increase the amount of the jackpot which is fixed. If the gambler made the combinations and pairs according to the instruction by the developers then he would be the winner of the slot at the end of the gameplay.

Betting Range and Payout

The betting range of the slot can be watched at the lower side of the screen of the casino game. The range of betting for the Cleopatra begins from the $0.60 to the $1800 which showed that this slot has a high payout also in the form of the 17,50x and the RTP is the only matter in the slot to reduce the quality of the is only 95%. The reward of the game can be increased by doing well with the symbol while falling on the given reels and the combinations also. Here is the working of the slot with all the outcomes of the functions of symbols.

How to play

If the gambler watched all the functions and features in the game, then he will find all the required options to run the game very accurately according to the instructions of the makers. There are 2 main symbols in the slot that liked the wilds symbols and Cleopatra to make the game very highly paid. These 2 symbols will release 1750x payout to the players of the game.

As usual wilds symbols will help the player to make the combination and pairs for the wagers and to double the free spins as well as the payout of the slot. The wild symbol has the strength to make the combination without any extra effort.

The Gold wilds symbols of Cleopatra Blue symbols will convert these symbols in the golden option and to fill the empty area of the game. While doing work with the Golden spins, some more free spins will come to your side without any paying to the developer of the game. These wills occur 3 times in the gameplay.

At the last stage, the Pharaoh will produce 10 free spins to land on reels for 3 times to increase 2 round more to the fixed. Betting Online can get more gamblers because most of the people are using the smartphone in developed and developing countries.


The Theme of the game is based on the Ancient Egyptians with the main role of the symbols of Cleopatra in the IGT slot. It is hoped that this slot will get success in the market of the casino with the top prize by the makers. The symbols of flowers of lotus, Cleopatra, the Eye of Ra, gold bars and logos made the slot very useful for the industry of casino.


The tale of the game is not impressive for the experts of casino and they will hesitate to play the slot because of the complicated functions and features in it. No doubt, some of the functions and features are of high quality to attract the players of the casino.

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