Choco Reels Casino Game Review

Choco Reels Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Choco Reels Casino Game Review

Choco Reels is one of the new slots of the Wazdan once again for the gamblers of casino which is scheduled to release in March 2020. Having valuable features and functions in the slot but all the focus of the players would be on the symbol of Chocolate. It is an inspired game with sweet symbols to give the high payout to the gamblers of the casino. The review of the Choco Reels consists of the betting range, reels, pay-lines, payouts and multipliers which is always helpful for the gamblers of the casino. The Return to Player in this slot which is 96% could be a huge difference.

Choco Reels Casino slot can be played online by using the option of the smartphone and the application for it. Software is also needed to run the slot game in any country in the world. Here is the detail of the functions and features of the slot.


Choco Reels consisted of the 6 reels and different pay-lines from 2403 to 46656 which showed that the slot is going to leave a huge area to play for the player. If a gambler wins the slot, he will be paid by the 11500x stacks which are a reasonable amount for the wagers with the RTP of 96.17%. Scatters and wilds symbols in the slot also caused to increase in the payout.

Role of functions and options in any slot of casino provided huge help for the users, if these are users friendly, then the chances of winning increased for the player. In the casino market, there is too much competition due to the different betting range and payout with the RTP amount. All the designers of the casino product are working their best to give the best slot to the market for the gamblers.

Betting Range and Payout

The lower side of the screen of the casino showed the options for betting as online or physically in the station. The range of betting for the Choco Reels begins from the $0.20 to the $100 which is too inspired the gamblers. While the output after playing well in the gameplay is up to the 11500x. The Return to the Player of 96.17% added some more benefit for the wagers. Having no option of the Progressive Jackpot, the role of the RTP increased.

In 2020, there are too many companies of casino which wanted to cover the market but most of it failed in the slot. Modern symbols and functions are the keys to attract the gambler of the casino as online in 2020.

How to Play

A gambler would be happy after knowing the functions and symbols in the slot of scatter, wilds, Choco, free spins, multipliers, wins of various kinds and a huge list of the multipliers in it.

Free spins in the slot have no limits in which one thing cleared that the number of multipliers also increased with the passage of the time in the gameplay. Monsters that are available in the slot caused to enhance the area of the slot and bonus features.

You can avail of 6x multipliers to create the fun and excitement at the center of the slot play. By making required combinations and pairs to get the option of the alternate will give you the winning amount of the payout. You should focus on the free spins, bonus, and no deposit option to play without giving anything to the makers of the game. If you want to get more clear detail about the slot, you must play it in the casino station physically.


The theme of the slot based on the design of the chocolate with the sum of sweet options also. The only symbol of Choco Reels will give some colors and enjoyment with fun for the gamblers. Candies, Ice Cream and sweet increased the suspense in the mind of the gambler.


Payout which is fixed by the slot makers is of high volatile but the RTP and functions in the game would be the main problem for the gambler. Online Betting for Choco Reels could be increased only by playing it with the smartphone anywhere.

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