Chicken chase slot review

Chicken chase slot review

Posted on March 6, 2022 by in Gambling
Chicken chase slot review

Chicken Chase is the name of a new slot game that Pragmatic Play is planning to introduce. The wolf is in the chicken coop, ready to devour the chickens he discovers, and the entire action of the slot focuses around this simple plot. The game’s aesthetics will be a significant selling point, but that’s pretty standard for Pragmatic Play.

Chicken Chase is a 5-reel, 3-row slot with ten active lines. The payouts are substantially lower than those found in a regular Pragmatic Play slot, only going up to 210x the stake at most. Still, the RTP is right where it should be, at 96.48 percent, so it’s just a matter of preference for some, not a question of fairness. Among the features included in Chicken Chase are wild symbols.

Prizes and Betting

You’ll be able to wager as little as $0.01 per line, or a total of $0.10 every spin. That’s only to get you started; you may also place bets of up to $50.

The magnitude of the highest payout in Chicken Chase is one of the few things that makes me upset. It’s one of the smallest rewards I’ve seen in a modern slot machine recently, at 210x the stake, especially given the rise of high volatility games in recent years.

Given that the RTP is 96.48 percent (the highest value that the online casino can choose), I wouldn’t consider the size of the jackpot to be a serious concern as long as the volatility is low.

Features of the Chicken Chase Slot Machine

The Wolf Wild is one of the game’s most important special features, a substitute that may be used to create any new winning combination. It must be on the same line as enough matching symbols to form a combination. Its appearance does not imply that you will win.

Design & Theme

Instead of a fox breaking into the chicken’s house, we have a wolf doing the same thing. The action of Chicken Chase, which takes set on a farm, is familiar, but I’m confident it will be pleasant because to the high-quality graphics used.

The lowest earning symbols include images of broccoli, eggplants, paprika, and bar logos, while the highest paying symbols are images of a hen, turkey, and rooster. There’s also a Wolf Wild, as well as a variety of Egg symbols (diamond egg, golden egg, silver egg, and regular egg).


The chicken chase slot is an excellent low staking slot with a good return to player of 96.48 percent. The theme and Design is also excellent for players with good sense of classic design.