Chelsea vs. Morecambe Betting Review

Chelsea vs. Morecambe Betting Review

Both the sides are ready to fight on Sunday in the premier league match 2020-2021. The side of the Blue is prepared to host the upcoming game of the English Premier League. It is essential to know the team information before giving the conclusion of the winner of the match. Some of the star players added to the two sides of the league. When the contenders have a strong playing XI, then it is not easy to announce the winners.

The Unibet, which is the spot of betting, declared that Chelsea’s team did not have much ability to cover come the Morecambe side in the upcoming match. The Chelsea rating loosed to 1.071 whereas the opposite time picked the 21 prices by the Unibet.

Recent performances

Some of the former players are still worried about the latest performances of Chelsea. So, its rating has started to decrease from the last two weeks. No doubt, the sides are still in the top four teams of the league. They faced a lot of problems in their defense problem which is the cause to lose the games.

On the other hand, Morecambe failed to give a positive result in the start but now doing well versus the league’s strong sides. It is the reason to pick the maximum pricing by the Unibet (21.00). However, Tammy Abraham has a last chance to bounce back in the league because his rating also increased to 7.50 with the Unibet. It would be incredible for him.

Head to head results

The blue team did well in the last contest to claim more points on the table. They would like to maintain the winning strategy as in the previous 17. On the next side, they remained very successful in two games from the last 8. The head to head result will also clear the future development. We always talked after picking the recent detail.

Betting Tips and Odds

Before final any betting amount, you must know all the teams’ descriptions and the key players also. Do not forget to check the injured players. We have seen that in important matches, a lot of senior players failed to post the goal. Whereas, the defenders also faced some huge problems. Read the complete review of the teams and statistical analysis for more improvement in betting tips.

Who will win?

If we check the pricing rating of Unibet, then the official gave more points to the Morecambe than the Chelsea. The players of Chelsea did not perform in the last games. Now the league also entered into a crucial time. So, there is no chance to make any mistakes. On the other hand, the experts also claimed that 2-1 to the Chelsea side. So, the final result will come on Sunday. Moreover, the rating can increase and decrease after the 1st half.


I can assure you that you have read the complete detail of the two teams and the key players. Now, the time is to announce the winner of the two groups. If you want to know my point of view, I will favor the Morecambe side because all the players perform well than in the past. No doubt, the Chelsea side performed well in the league’s early games but failed in pressure games. So, all the ratings and predictions are favoring the contender’s side. The head to head and recent performances of the sides also concluded the Morecambe winner of the days. So, be ready to see the result on Sunday, dated 10 January.