Charlotte FC vs. D.C. United Betting Odds & Predictions

Charlotte FC vs. D.C. United Betting Odds & Predictions

Posted on November 16, 2023 by in Football
Charlotte FC vs. D.C. United Betting Odds & Predictions

Charlotte FC and D.C. United will fight against each other in the most crucial game of the league. The betting review depends upon the past result and performance of players. After reading all the following information, you can make predictions on your own. We made all predictions after comparing the individual and collective performance. Here is a complete summary of betting.

Latest performance

I took six games from the same league to check the latest results of teams. Charlotte played six games and won in a couple of games. On the other hand, the same side also failed in three games.

Suppose we see the performance of D.C. United teams then produced one of the worst results in the same season. D.C. played six games and still hungered to win one game. United failed in four consecutive games, whereas the remaining two games ended without any result of the day.

Head to Head results of Charlotte FC and D.C. United

These two teams met with each other in February 2022. The match was played in the season of US Major soccer season 2022. D.C. United posted three goals versus 0 of other teams. So, it may be a positive point for D.C. United in this game.


According to the predictions of teams, Charlotte picked a 40% chance to win this game. On the other side, D.C. United also conceded 29% chances to carry the day.

Whereas 31% chances are to draw the game. It is a significant difference in the expected result of F.C. and D.C. United.

Charlotte FC and D.C. United Goals

In the US Major Soccer League 2022, Charlotte FC played in 9 games and won 6 times. They failed in three matches. At the same time, the same side remained undefeated in six games.

F.C. scored 7 goals and conceded 11 also. There is a significant gap between these two numbers.

Andre remained the top scorer with 5 goals from Charlotte FC.

If we see the latest performance of D.C. United, they also took part in six games to win a single match and draw the same numbers. They failed in 4 consecutive numbers in football.

The entire side scored 5 goals and conceded 12 also.

From DC United, Ola and Fountas scored 6,6 goals for him. It may create additional pressure on the other team.

Results in the last six games

Charlotte : L,W,D,L,L,W

DC United : D,L,D,L,L,L

Red and Yellow Cards

Christian from Charlotte conceded 4 yellow cards and one red card.

Chris from D.C. United has faced 4 yellow cards and one red card.


D.C. United did not win even a single match in the last six contests. At the same time, Charlotte succeeded in winning 2 games and drawing 4 matches also. You can predict a better team from this result: all the information, data, or official. You can compare the facts and figures to get a more favorable outcome. In the end, Charlotte will win this game.

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