Change your life with online slot machines

Change your life with online slot machines

Fortune is sometimes a spin. Some players have the chance to live during their existence this moment when luck, on a snap of a finger, makes them a big smile. Recently, two online players had the chance to win the miracle spin to completely change their lives. These two players are however not to put at the same level because one has touched 2.5 million on Mega Fortune , the other the equivalent of 210,000 on Book of Fortune . In any case, here are two players who will be able to make substantial changes to their daily lives!

Mega Fortune is offering €2,553,090

Mega Fortune is an online slot machine that we do not present anymore. The star of Netent studios remains one of the surest values ​​of the net in terms of progressive jackpots. This gain of €2.5 million represents the 43rd that releases this game, knowing that its gains are on average around €4.1 million.

We do not have details yet on this gain last week but can assure that its owner is in heaven and he is probably still in shock. Mega Fortune allows him to move into the much closed circle of winner’s millionaires at casino games. We can only advise him to spend this money in a reasonable way and ensure a carefree future for him / her and his children!

Gain of 19.2 bitcoins on Bitstarz

Bitstarz is one of the most reliable Bitcoin-friendly platforms on the market. This casino has a constantly expanding library of games, as well as a loyal player base. The site is one of the most popular player’s online, thanks in part to the Amatic developer’s games.

Amatic does not present the most beautiful and most graphically evolved games but the firm knows how to create excitement among players: volatility. Many of the Amatic Slot machines offer high volatility, which means that gains are less frequent but larger. In other words, when it hits, it hits hard!

Book of Fortune is one of them and allowed a Russian player to pocket 19.2 bitcoin a few days ago. Bitcoin is an electronic currency still volatile but we evaluate this jackpot 19.2 BTC to just over 210,000€ (this amount in euros will vary with time). This is not the first time that Bitstarz has rewarded its players with Amatic jackpots. Most of the jackpots on this site are also from Amatic slots, so they are generous…!