Celebrate the Chinese New Year with the Chunjie Slot Machine

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with the Chunjie Slot Machine

The Chinese New Year was celebrated on January 28, and for the occasion, developer Endorphina launched a brand new slot machine called Chunjie.

On Saturday, January 28, 2017, the Chinese New Year celebration began in all Chinese communities around the world, and Endorphina was able to market its brand new Chunjie slot machine. This game is in addition to the very interesting list of productions that the developer has recently launched. Only a few days ago, we announced the release of the new Diamond Vapor slot machine designed by the same developer, and here it is already with a title that is addressed to the enthusiasts of Eastern and especially Chinese culture.

The cock ready to award you countless prizes

In pinyin (system of Romanization of Chinese characters), Chunjie means “spring festival”. This is the first of the 15 days of the celebration of the Chinese New Year. The devotees of oriental culture certainly know that 2017 is under the sign of the cock, and if you believe in it, pray the cock this year so that it gives you wealth. If this is not the case, be aware that the developer has nevertheless ensured that the title has a huge winning potential. The production features 5 rolls and 38 paylines, and displays 3D graphics. You will see symbols like the head of a dragon, sycees (gold bars), a mandarin, a fish, firecrackers and more. What will probably retain your attention as soon as you load this online slot machine without downloading is the soundtrack. Indeed, a quiet and soft Chinese music is played in the background and accompanies you throughout your session.

A multitude of features to celebrate Chunjie

The stars, or at least the fire cock, you predict prosperity with the online casino software provider Endorphina. In order to ensure that each player will reap significant gains, the designer has integrated in his new game fabulous and lucrative features. You will see a joker, a scatter symbol, multipliers, free spins and even a “Gamble” part that you will like if you like risk. Given that the year is under the sign of the rooster, one wonders why no functionality is represented by a poultry. The developer obviously wanted to stay generalist, which is no worse. Rooster, pig or dragon, the key is that the winnings can be dropped frequently.

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