Cats of the Caribbean Slot Review

Cats of the Caribbean Slot Review

Posted on November 16, 2023 by in Gambling
Cats of the Caribbean Slot Review

Here is yet another release of Snowborn games after Cat Clans. The software hailing from Sweden presents Cats of the Caribbean to offer the slot a soft touch. The Cat Clans features clans of cats battling in the Scottish highlands for unclear reasons.

Cats of the Caribbean brings you four kittens taking a piratical adventure into the high seas. The features here involve free rounds and a guarantee of wilds and Cat pots bonus.

Cats do not go well with water, but the ones here are the opposite. They have gone to the deep seas searching for loot. That explains why gamers get into the wooden ship with cannon balls on sight, rope rigging, and a cannon.

The cats onboard have quite a history. Partly to cut down mouse population and others for crew morale.

There is a long history of cats’ onboard boats, partly to help keep the rat population down and for crew morale.

Snowborn brings out a cute angle with ‘Cats of the Caribbean,’ which, on closer scrutiny, has a cat feel. Snowborn slots have a powerful graphic team that creates rich and colorful games, not to forget their catchy and undeniable quality.

The game’s RTP varies from 86.89% to 96%. It is highly volatile, while the bets can be 20p/c to 25Euros for each spin.

The reels and develop for free rounds. However, twenty pay lines maneuver their way across a five-reel, three-row grid at the base play. The task is landing on winning combos of 3- 5 corresponding icons on a single payline, beginning from the 1st reel. For low-paying icons, we find barrels, parrots, pistols, octopi, hooks, and bottles worth 2-3x the bet for five of a kind achievement. Cats are the high paying, and here we meet Captain Catnip, Captain Claw, Captain Red, and Big Tabby, all worth five times the bet for five of a kind. Wilds are critical in this game since they are extensively in most attributes.

They pay ten times the stake for each line of 5 and can stand in for any standard awarding icon.

Cats of the Caribbean Quick Info

  • Title: Cats of the Caribbean
  • Developer: Snow born Games
  • Reels: 5
  • Rows: 3
  • Pay lines: 20
  • RTP: 96.0% | 94.0% | 92.29% | 86.89%
  • Hit Freq: 29.43%
  • Max Win: 10,000x
  • Volatility: High
  • Min/Max Bet: 0.20/25
  • Release Date: August 23, 2022


Free spins

As stated earlier, wilds show up everywhere apart from cats pots bonus.

Wild Cannon

This one activates randomly on any base play turn. When it does, blasting of 2-15 wild icons on reels at any position.

Placing a wild above wild changes it to a wild multiplier, increasing by one for every extra wild you add to it.

Free Spins

Free rounds are activated once free turns scatter icons land on the reels 1, 3, and 5. You will find three-of-a-kind spin turns; the determinant is the scatter falling upon reel 5. If you land on purple, red or the green scatters on the 5th reel, Captain Red, Captain Catnip, and Captain Claw free spins activate in that order. Below is what you achieve:

  • Captain Red gives a guarantee of 90 wilds and 15 free turns.
  • Captain Catnip offers a 40 wilds guarantee with twelve turns.
  • Captain Claw Free guarantees 25 wilds and ten free turns.

An additional row increases on the grid for free turns, while pay lines multiply to 30. Through the attribute, cannons randomly blow up wild icons on the reels.

Wilds landing on wilds produce multipliers; the Wild Cannon attribute to a max of 5 times.

Cats Pot Bonus

If you land on three 3 Cats Pots icons on the reels 2, 3, and 4, you get one turn on the wheel of fortune. You could win one of the four local jackpot awards at this point. That could be Mini,  Midi, Major, or Mega paying 20 times, 50 times,500 times, or 10,000 times the stake in that order.

Buying Free Spins

If you are in position, you can buy either Captain Red free turns at 55 times the bet or Captain Catnip Free turns for fifty-five times your stake.

Final Thoughts

Pirates are familiar in games, and so are domestic animals. It, therefore, makes sense to combine them and see what they add up to.

Cats Clans was a nice job done by Snowborn and we also had high expectations of their next production,’ Cats of the Caribbean.’

The largest part of Cats of the Caribbean offers a positive experience. Who hates kitties with great names like Captain so and so?

Cats of the Caribbean was boiling down to the slinging wilds on the stack and watching what would transpire. That is possible on base play once the multipliers begin blasting, more so on the free rounds. Multiplying reels is quite a task, not because there are no additional ways to win but also from where to shoot wilds.

Had the reels been three, would there be more wilds doubling? bringing forth multiplier wilds? We only wonder, there are times wilds filled the display, and one spin win scaled up to a maximum of 90 to 100 times the stake in the course of testing.

The symbol amounts are not considerable enough for this kind of payline slot. We, therefore, suspect it may be challenging to hit a massive ground devoid of wins on the top Cats pots.

‘Cats of the Caribbean’ is a cute game to engage. Although it is not as innovative as Cats Clan, it accomplishes exciting things with the wild multipliers and wilds. Nonetheless, if you are keen on cats groomed as pirates, you may find it fascinating to engage in plundering with them.

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