Categories of top Bookmakers

Categories of top Bookmakers

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Placing any kind of bet requires a bookmaker in place to accept and pay off the bets. Little known is the many different categories that bookmakers can fall into, which is what this article aims to lay open. Of course the types available to you will depend on your location and the laws of the country or state you’re in.

Racecourse Bookmakers

These are the type to be found on horse-racing tracks and in dog races as well. They typically work with smaller margins compared to large betting companies and will be mobile, following the racing action to various venues.

Casino Sportsbooks

These are mostly to be located in casinos. They offer a huge variety of betting markets to play on. Lining the walls of the venues are screens that show real-time odds for the various markets. A wager can be placed either via a casino employee through a betting window or through a betting station where things are all done via electronic means.

Retail Bookmaking Shops

These are also called “high street bookies”. They can be viewed as the original bookmakers. Recently, many of the small independent shops have been taken over by larger operators. They have odds for various sports betting markets and only deal in cash. A ticket is issued after a wager is made and paid for. After the event, in the case of a win, the ticket is then exchanged for the winnings.

Telephone Betting

Several bookmakers will offer these services. On making the phone call, an operator will guide you through the odds of the kind of wager you wish to make. You’ll then state your stake and pay via a credit or debit card. Any payout is made to the card being used.

Online Bookmakers

Online betting has become wildly popular since its introduction in the mid-90s. The convenience of being able to bet from anywhere and with highly competitive odds, bonuses on deposits made and with a plethora of betting options, it is the most recommended way to place sports wagers.

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