Casino Robbed

Casino Robbed

Casino Robbed – football casino

The robbers prey wasted casino Silute District Police officers received a report that the house, located in SIluette, al., Was beaten and robbed a 34 year old man. The robbers arrested Silluette the apartment© Cēsis VPK photo. The officials explaining the circumstances, it was found that the man attacked by 2 strangers who beat him and evicted the pockets stole the wallet with its former documents and 90 euros and a mobile phone from Nokia. The victim for injuries require medical attention, notify Tauragė County police. Although a man of the attackers had little information, however, officials were able to quickly clarify the criminals. 32 and 24 years of the suspects were arrested the same night. It turns out that the kidnapped men for money taxi went to Klaipeda, where the remaining amount wasted casino. Entertainment suspects still not enough, so we go back to Šilute they went to the familiar, where he continued his fun. It seems that the fun was not all because the apartment landlady long this any longer such a company. She wrote to her daughter, who was not at the scene, an instant message, setting out the situation and asked that it summoned officials. Upon arrival, officers found that incoming guests – the same people, and looted the abovementioned man. To find them, and the victim’s belongings. True, the money has already been spent. Immediately after the incident the suspects were detained. Silluette living men known to the police and in the past for similar offenses. At present, addressed the issue of remand appointment. Persons of offenses threatened with arrest or imprisonment of up to 6 years.

These three players certainly will not be wearing jersey Hanover. Three men, aged between 18 and 19 years , from their youth teams, they decided to rob a casino. We had a plan to collect money in a casino near Hanover, capital of Lower Saxony.

Sporting director Hanover Martin Bader rumors confirmed: “Yes. Three of our players really suspect that they wanted to commit an offense. About all we are fully informed.”

police became wary when they find wrong parked car, which had a fake license plate. The police then ordered an investigation and in the trunk they found face masks and weapons. As shown, the hotels young car with fake license plates driving away in robbery, while you should use face masks and even gas masks. As shown, the youths at the last minute, their Unfortunately, the vehicle has been parked in the wrong place.

After investigation and interrogation, the police came to the perpetrators – three members of the youth team Hannover.

In Hannover, the trio of young players immediately suspended, the purpose of armed robbery while to be currently unknown.

Some years ago, I attracted a lot of attention Süleyman Koc , who now plays football in the second tier SC Paderborn. Koc of 2011 played this tretjeligaški Babelsberg, in April this year by the armed robbery arrested by the police. He was a member of the so-called Berlin band. Then 21-year-old Koc won a penalty of three years and nine months in prison, but in the summer of 2012 he was transferred to an open section and in the 2012/13 season he played for his Babelsberg. In January 2014, he moved to Paderborn.