Casino Gaming Myths

Casino Gaming Myths

Out of all the casino games, blackjack offers the greatest returns to a player. You can earn lot more in this game if you compare it other games that are based on chance, which gives you low returns.There are certain myths that are hurting the game of blackjack seriously.

Myth #1 : Successful blackjack players can plan their games well ahead of time.This is not true. Intuition or a gut feeling does not play any role behind the win.

Myth #2 : Paying the insurance on the dealer’s up card ace against the possible blackjack is a good idea.In fact it is a bad idea and it will empty the money of the player. The insurance pays 2:1 but the probability of the second card being of value 10 is only 30%, which clearly works in the favor of the casino, except when you are counting cards.

Myth #3 : Score 21 or close to it without going bust.Instead of standing on a solid hand, try to go close to 21 without going bust.

Myth #4 : You have to be a mathematical genius or be autistic so that you can remember all the cardsActually you don’t have to be so. Just follow the simple card counting system that will keep track of low and high cards.

Myth #5 : All casinos have the same house advantage.In fact, where you play makes a HUGE difference. For example, the Soft 17 rule (instead of Hard 17) adds 0.2% to the house advantage.

Some casinos pay 6:5 for a blackjack instead of 3:2. Some even give a win to the dealer in case of a tie, which spells disaster for the player.Unless you want to throw your money away, avoiding places with unfair house advantage is a must.Many people have nowadays developed a lot of interest towards online betting and in fact it has become a source of livelihood. There are many people who actually make their living from these sites and pay their bills, food and rent expenses. It’s just like a full time job for them.

Due to the advanced features on the internet, there are many positive things and advantages available to people who want to bet online.A sport betting is fun, convenient and quick. In fact, the sport fanatics do not want to continue anymore with the old time bookies because they find a lot of features on the internet websites. You just have to get online and place your bet on any sports you can think about.

With so many websites available nowadays, you just have to sit back in your living room and place your bets online and earn good amount of money.When you are betting online, you get the experience of ultimate gambling action right in front of your computer every single minute. Earlier, the old time bookies were available only during certain sports events took place. You can place your bets on any sport, no matter where you are physically located and earn money.When you are betting online, make sure that you have a better intellect of online sports betting so that you can generate some real profits.

Thorough knowledge of the sports is very important along with strong money management skill so that you get success on betting on sports online.Play smartly on the online rooms. Don’t play the whole board.Some sports bettor love the thrill of the game, but this really is a quick road to the poorhouse! The odds and the vigs will kill you.