Casino Crazy Story : 3 amazing stories that happened in a casino

Casino Crazy Story : 3 amazing stories that happened in a casino

The casino world, its jackpots, its croupiers and its luxury establishments is a great source of inspiration for many directors. On the small screen, as in the big one, we could mention some big names like “Las Vegas” and “Casino “on the side of the TV series and “Casino Royal “,” Ocean’s Eleven ” or the legendary “Casino ” Martin Scorsese The cinematic world. This infinite fascination is perfectly founded, since the universe of the casino offers us extraordinary true stories, permanently melting the myth of the casino. The team of Casino Legal France has decided to make you relive the craziest stories in a soap opera “Casino Crazy Story” that you will find regularly on our site. Today, The Suitcase Man, MIT’s gifted and Vegas Big Fish are in the spotlight in this first episode.

The one who put his own casino … twice

This is a funny story, that of Major Riddle, a rich owner in Las Vegas of the legendary Dunes Casino. Passionate about poker, this budding player, as good in business as bad at the game, decided to bet his … casino during a poker game. The one who is called the “big fish” in the city of Peche has won, by chance, the game. Except that the latter did not stop there! Almost unharmed, he could not help but bet his place in another casino … and this time, luck was not on his side!

Those gifted who cheated at the game of blackjack

Do you remember the movie “Las Vegas 21”, the band of students of the prestigious MIT, who, to finance their expensive study, travel to Las Vegas under false identities to play blackjack, rules that owe nothing randomly ? Well, know that Robert Luketic’s film is based on a true story of the 90s. Gifted of a great American school had managed to invent a technique to win big in the game of the “Twenty One”. After five years of winning hundreds of thousands of dollars and feathered dozens of casinos, the latter would have been unmasked and would have simply been banned from casinos by keeping their precious stock. An end a bit more cheerful than in the film “Las Vegas 21”, more tormented.

The man in the briefcase, nicknamed “The Suitcase man”

Unknown player in Las Vegas in the 80s, William Lee Bergstrom, earned the nickname “Suitcase man” or the man to the suitcase in one night. Why? Simply because, this American casino player has crossed the doors of the sumptuous gambling establishment, the Binion’s Horseshoe, with two suitcases in hand: a first black case filled with banknotes, reaching the sum of $770,000 and a second, Empty! Namely, this casino, owned by Benny Binion, was one of the first establishments in Vegas, to raise any money limit on the first bet. This is a story that has not gone unnoticed, especially for William Lee Bergstrom who used it to fill his second suitcase! With his $770,000 set on one of the craps tables, the player won the game and left with not one, but two suitcases full of dollars!