Casino Casino Etiquette

Casino Casino Etiquette

There Are Ways to Conduct Yourself in a Casino You’ve read about the Big Shot and you’ve probably seen him in the casino. This guy couldn’t even spell etiquette, let alone know that it means. He thinks it has something to do with macaroni. There are ways to conduct yourself in a casino, and there are ways to make a pest of yourself. Pes T. Lou is an irritating person to be around at the table. She’ll break every rule of casino etiquette and even break several that have to do with just being a normal, nice person. During the course of a session, Pes T. will do each of the following and have the audacity to think she’s the life of the party: Smoke at the table and flick the ashes onto the casino floor; Chew gum and crack it every 5 or 6 minutes; Brush the other players’ chips as she reaches to make her bets; Curse out loud whenever she loses a spin; Gloat at the other playersif she is on a winning streak;Make suggestions to other people who are at the table; Ridicule the dealer if he is spinning the ball too fast or too slow; Ask the pit boss for a comp four minutes after buying in; Demand that the cocktail waitress be sent to her table; Spill her drink on the layout; Keep up a never-ending amount of chatter with everyone at the table; Tell stories of the great big returns she has had, especially the night she got scorching hot and won $12,000; Ask the dealer personal questions: Where is he from? Is he married? Does he gamble? Scream every time one of her numbers comes through; Complain about the casino she’s at whenever things are going bad. Looking over that list, if you are guilty of any of them, you’re probably making a pest of yourself when you gamble at a casino.

The other casino players don’t need you to entertain them or to ridicule them. They got enough problems trying to survive. The next time you see Pes T. Lou coming toward your table, get ready for a boring session. These creeps have a way of turning off everyone around them. But before you go throwing any rocks, examine your own conduct in a casino. It’s very easy to act like dignified, gracious guests. Others don’t wanna hear about your bad times; they got troubles of their own. They also don’t wanna hear how you just won $200 on a spin of the wheel. Sadd N.

Glumm has just lost his 617th consecutive spin, and he’s wondering whether it’s better to dive off a cliff or jump in front of a train. Pes T. Lou wins $50 and starts bragging to Sadd N. Glumm how sharp she is. Does she expect this poor guy, who’s out $875, to whoop it up for joy because she won? Have a heart! Act like a decent human being at the casino tables. You’ll find the casino floor people will treat you better.

The dealers will be more congenial, and the people at the table will be better able to concentrate on their own plays.

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