Caroline Wozniacki is set for the NYC Marathon

Caroline Wozniacki is set for the NYC Marathon

After she was deserted by her boyfriend Rory Mcllroy, Caroline Wozniacki has decided to make it to the TCS New York City Marathon a long distance race. This will act as a form of therapy to her.

As she prepared for the race in a training session, Caroline on Wednesday openly confessed that it is very hard for her to train on how to run as well as taking water simultaneously. The tennis player who hails from Denmark brands the exercise as challenging since it will happen all along the race.

The current number 8 in the tennis ranking will with no doubt take part in a 26.2 miles race this coming Sunday where she will even take some time to wave to her royal fans. The racing distance will cover five municipals.

Nevertheless she doesn’t dispel any sort of embarrassment as the event is flocked by outstanding racers among them Mark Messier who is a celeb in the category. Currently Caroline was involved in a 13 mile run in one training session but doubts and fears has been clogging her after she had a nightmare where she landed at the finish line on a wheelchair.

She claimed that she should be training hard but dismissed the rumor that there are people who play tennis for over 4 hours a day. The US Open finalist also added that through her training, she is trying hard to avoid injuries.

Wozniacki is being eager for the race as she sees it as a way to eradicate her pains as well as a therapy after distress affected her when her boyfriend dumbed her on a three minute call. This happened few days before their weeding initiation cards were sent out. Her training has been positive as they have run quickly and hence freshening her moods and frames as well as reviving her tennis game.

She claimed that she was notified about the TCS New York City Marathon by Kimiko Date-Krumm a player who clocked 3:27 during the London Marathon in 2004. She claimed that she stressed on a race which she would complete in less than 4 hours and avoid any injuries to her knees.

Currently she has already acquired over $50,000 for the Charity Team for Kids. She will take two weeks off tennis to be back to her normality and will be in time to catch the Auckland tour in New Zealand.

She claimed that people thought she was crazy but replied by saying that in life some craziness is needed.