Carla Suarez

Carla Suarez: “Women’s tennis is listening a little more”

Carla Suarez is in luck. It comes from Dubai with a title under his arm which also makes him climb to sixth in the WTA ranking. Gran Canaria it is shown happy with the tennis tournament and deployed in order to be more regular this season is marked.How it is after the victory in Doha?The truth is I’m very happy. It is a victory to be enjoyed while this continues.Is it that like to savor the triumph or those already looking to the next challenge?I enjoy the victories. You never know when you’ll be able to win another title, or spend much time in the TOP 10 and if it is true that, whether the objectives, you have to enjoy the moment.In addition to the win, climbing to sixth in the WTA ranking …Not only that. It is also a great with players TOP, only absences Selena and Sharapova tournament. That makes you rivals have more in mind from now.And lost only one set in the end, are you satisfied with the displayed tennis?I’ve only lost a set all tournament. I was taking good feeling. As we walked the tournament I was feeling better and the truth is that I had a good feeling on track. As you say, it is important to win games in two sets, not to accumulate so tired.Would you leave a bad taste not to have won the title also doubles?(Laughs). It would have been a milestone having achieved the double, but it was a very intense week, a week hard. In five days to play two games a day it is very hard. The final individual left me physically very empty. The final of the doubles played only 45 minutes later and could not be.How it is physically takes play two games per day throughout the tournament?Depletes. It takes and so you try to get individual victories in two sets to not be so many hours on track. Doubles, much as the third set to be extended, not an entire set, but ten points. So, like it or not, helps a lot.What game was key for the title?Everyone. If you do not win the first, you do not get to play the second. The highest level di perhaps in semifinals against Radwanska. She was more tired, but good must seize these opportunities. It is also true that the party that puts the icing is the last, final.With you and Garbiñe in the TOP 10 female Spanish tennis it is in luck …From a women’s tennis while listening to a little more ago. It is true that last year Garbiñe had a very good season finale. Women’s tennis will televise more on TV thanks also facing creates hobby. Both Muguruza, like all companions and I will try that tennis continues to be heard more and more.What goals brand from now?Try to be the maximum time there. Score points to try to raise the position. A level tournament Indian Wells and Miami have that are super important tournament for us. So the goal is to do well there.Between those goals is the most regular being and tackles reach the end of the year?Last year it happened to me I started the year very well, but an issue of fatigue and wear did not win many games. The goal this year is to try to be more regular and reach tackles end of the season.Does it make special illusion the Olympics?Well, we have many major tournaments before the Olympic Games. We could say that is a week for us, but it is true that the Olympics is a super important and very special world event. When the time comes we will be with the five senses to try to get a medal. For the first time I will be able to enjoy an event of this size, but first comes Indian Wells, Miami, Madrid, Roldand Garros, Wimbledon … but for the first time able to play doubles and try to get a medal between singles and doubles.Related topics