Cardiff City vs West Bromwich Albion Betting Review – 27th September

Cardiff City vs West Bromwich Albion Betting Review – 27th September

English Football league is creating many chances for the betters in the whole world. If you want to apply any bet, you must have basic information about all the players and their performances. I am here to provide you all the exact detail to help you in betting. Head to head, the latest predictions, performance, squads, betting odds & tips are the most crucial things to discuss.

Latest performance

I have seen that Cardiff City took part in 6 games and remained well two times. They loosed in 3 matches, and one match did not create any result. If we talk about West Bromwich, they also took part in the six games to win three times.

Head to Head

Both the sides played last time in 2020, where Cardiff City created many chances for the opposition, but they failed. In the end, Cardiff City won the game by a 2-1 lead.


The Cardiff City picked 35% chances to win the game versus the 36% for the opposition. There is not a big difference between the two sides.

Goals in English Football League

At the start, I would like to talk about Cardiff City at Home. They played three games to remain well in 1 game. They scored only five goals and conceded four also. Aden was the top scorer with 4.

The West Bromwich side also played three games to win in 2 matches. They did not lose in any game. Callum was the top scorer with three goals.


Both the teams did not announce any final lineup for us. We have to wait for the start of the game.

Betting Odds & Tips

I have read a lot of reviews and information. Cardiff City has more betting prices as compared to the oppositions. So, they picked more rates in betting versus Bromwich. We took all the information from the past to find the expected result.


I tried my best to post all the appropriate information for the viewers. If you still have any issues, then you may change your mind to any other spot. In football, all the players need to perform under different kinds of conditions. At last, I will favor Cardiff rather than the Albion.