Are you ready to see a thrilling game on the 3rd of March, 2021? We know that this game will host by the Turf Moor among the two best side Premier League. Burnley and Leicester are ready to face each other in a crucial match. On the other hands, both sides want to post more points on the table. If we see the past result to Burnely, then it is struggling so far in the league. If they remained in the same problem, there is no chance to go through the next round. I am here to leave useful information for you.


I am going to start the detail of teams with Leicester. It is the only team in the whole season which is enjoying the series. But, it does not mean that this team will win the next game. Bookies always used experience rather than a sudden result. So, you must be careful to see all scenario of play. A small mistake may lead to losing the game. You must have to check the head to head result of every team. Let’s talk to the other prominent side match.

If we look into the table’s current position, then the Burnely team is in the 15th position, which to worst. On the next side, the Lei secured its 3rd position, which the 67% good than the others. You must see the head to head result and profile of players before pacing any bet. Here is the head to the head result of teams.

Head to Head results

In the last six head to head to games, Burnley posted only one victory, and three times the games remained a draw. The number of looser the game is also 2. It showed a terrible performance in the league. On the other hands, the Lei team remained undefeated in 3 games, and two results were not in any favour. However, only one defeat did not have any wrong impression.

Betting Tips & Odds

Please, check all the necessary thing before to invest money in betting. We have seen that a lot of people did not know any things and wasted money. You must stay away from the new bookies and do work with the experienced ones in the market. I suggested seeing all the detail with a narrow mind to win the match and prize.

Who will win?

According to my analysis, the Leicester side will easily win the match and carry the day. But, the real result will come on the play day. We are only predicting the winner on behalf of past profiles of players.


I tried my best to post all the necessary data of the two team. There is not any discrepancy in the information. Moreover, there are no two opinions about the result; Leicester will be the match-winner. However, the injury of a vital player may change the complete product for us. So, it is your luck also. Betting always has a direct relation to uncertainty. Most of the times, you can win or fail. So, you have to remain very brave.