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Bucaramanga reaches its first victory in the Eagle League

Willy Rodriguez’s team won 2-1 away to Tolima and got into the fight for a place in the top eight of the championship.

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Alexis Ossa (55 ‘, Faber Canaveral), Marcos Melgarejo (57’ Aquino), Isaac Arias (69 ‘, Marco Perez), Luis Paz (70’, Otalvaro), Carlos Giraldo (71 ‘Alexis Ossa), Jhon Freddy Pérez (84 ‘, John stiwar Garcia)


1-0, 21 ‘: Didier Delgado 1-1, 27’: John stiwar Garcia , 1-2, 65 ‘: Maicol Balanta


Luis Payares (29 ‘, yellow), Daniel Catano (41’ Yellow), Didier Delgado (47 ‘Yellow), Mateus Uribe (50’ Yellow), Alexis Ossa (62 ‘Yellow), Mateus Uribe (68’ , Red), Carlos Giraldo (79 ‘, yellow), Jair Palacios (79’ Yellow), Cristián Dájome (81 ‘, Red), Jhon Freddy Pérez (89’ Yellow)

The little luck, poor performance and half the joy lasted seven dates to Atletico Bucaramanga. On Saturday night he got his first win in the championship against Deportes Tolima in the stadium Manuel Murillo Toro.

The home side struck first. After 21 minutes a mistake by armed left sector, which ended in the area defining the right side Didider Delgado .

Atletico Bucaramanga reacted quickly, and with the complicity of the tolimense behind, equalized six minutes later through John Garcia , one of the figures of the night in Ibague. The first half was even and clear options for both sides.

In the second stage Tolima entered the despair, came but not concretized and Bucaramanga defended himself with the ball. At 65 minutes came a terrible mistake by the home defense and in particular the goalkeeper Janer Serpa, who cert not controlled the ball and left him served Maicol Balanta to mark the final 1-2 cast ‘Leopard’ .

It flamengo with Paolo Guerrero goal drew 1-1 at Figueirense by the First League Cup. Paolo Guerrero’s team had to win but missed their chances.

Figueirense moved forward by Éverton Santos after a serious error defense and goalkeeper ‘Mengao’. Guerrero’s companions did not communicate well and this was used by the rival who stole the ball to the goalkeeper and gave it to his companion, who only had to push.

But Flamengo did not give up and went with all to draw. Figueirense can not take the few minutes Paolo Guerrero put things back couples.

The Peruvian opened space and through a right command to the right post of goalkeeper. Inatajable.

In the second half there was an opportunity for both teams. However, Flamengo had more ball possession and even had some occasions. Unfortunately, it did not materialize.

After Alberto Gamero team began to hit and because of that they left expelled Mateus and Cristian Uribe Dájome .

Bucaramanga not won since he ascended to the first division. It is now ninth in the table with 10 points , the same is the eighth Rionegro Eagles. Tolima dropped to 15th place and stays with 6 points.

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