Bryson makes his first

Bryson makes his first

Bryson makes his first win in the City men’s tourney

It was Kelvin Bryson who stole the show by beating his competitors among them Rickie Fowler on Sunday at the Holmes Golf Course. Bryson who turned 34 years few months ago was on his top moments as he squashed the Lincoln Men’s city Golf Tournament by two major strokes. He recorded a 3-under-par 68 for a two round 138 to clinch the victory.

There was no place for the defending champion Spencer Lindahl who came in second with 140 whereas his compatriot Alex Svehla came along with 142. It was the very first time in over 90 years that this event saw a winner declared with just two rounds of play.

The winner Kelvin Bryson who was formerly with Husker golfer and a well-respected golf player at the Kearney High School was accompanied by his family with his son dressed in all orange shirt, shorts and shoes.

Bryson who works at Fargo Company as an Advisor came to the event for his very first time and had been out of any major event in the past decade. He claimed that he brought his 8 year old son to have the real feeling of being in a tournament. He added that he usually played his games in a par-3 course and never in a major event. He added that he faced difficulties in his first in teeing under the new course holding this major event.

On the first birdie, Bryson took the lead on 520 yard on a par-5 hole, he was later beaten on the 4th and 6th hole by Lindahl. It was then Svehla who took the show on the sixth to eighth whole by leading the platform. On the 10th hole, Lidhal regained the lead on 519-yard on a par-5.

The turning point for Bryson was evident on the 16thup to 18th hole when he recorded a 549-yard shot. The sixteenth and the seventeenth hole proved more challenging for Lindahl who had earlier played for Lincoln Southwest. On the other side, Svehla who played for the Lincoln Northeast found it rough during the 18th hole after scooping the 17th hole. Nebraska Wesleyan also was the favorite by the 17th hole only to perform poorly on the 18th hole.

Asked about the happenings of the game, Lindahl claimed that all players were striving hard to scoop the top award only to make few mistakes which saw Kelvin take the advantage of being mistake free and run riot towards the end to clinch the win. Kelvin also was advantaged by his accuracy when it came to pars and had one amazing bogey.