Brief history

Brief history

Brief history of top players of Euro cup trophy

Euro cup is one of the most entertaining and famous foot ball championship conducted by UEFA. UEFA is European foot ball council which plans and executes Euro cup from the year 1960. The actual plan of this championship is made by the then general secretary of UEFA Mr Henri Delaunay but he was no more when the championship was initiated. With the great history the Euro cup championship has millions of fans around the world who are crazy for the Euro cup game than world cup. Every country having the membership in UEFA wants to take the privilege of hosting the tournament which will be decided finally through voting. There are great players each time in the tournament and if you take Euro CUP top player history there are many interesting facts to relish.

History of top ranking players

UEFA has official ranking of players who are expected to be giving super performance of this year and they have been starts whenever they are on the field. Let’s see few of them who rule the hearts of the fans through their heroic play. Here we see top 2 players as per the UEFA barometer.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is the start player and considered as one of the best foot ball player of all the time. He plays for the Portugal national team and for the real Madrid team which is a Spain foot ball club. He is been famous for the play and he has his unique style in the play that has fans all over the world. He has been named as all time favorite and best player of Portuguese team. He has received several awards and recognitions which show that he proves his active and unique performance all the time. He is the first player for receiving 4 European golden shoe awards. He has received FIFA world player of the year award for 3 times. His first appearance in the international tournament is in the year 2003 for Portuguese team at the age of 18. He is praised for reaching 50 international goals, the first player to reach this mile stone.

Zlatan Ibrahimović

Zlatan is Swedish foot ballplayer known for his strike and he is the one of the top ranking foot ball player mainly in Euro cup. He is a captain for the international Swedish team and he is very famous for his versatility on the field. He is all time super player of the Swedish national team and he is a professionally trained taekwondo martial artist. Though he is very famous for his strikes in the ground he is well known for lot of controversies. He is a short-tempered and arrogant person who hit the opponents on the field and also in the dressing room. He even had fights with coach but apart from all these controversies he is a champion player.