Brazil foot ball

Brazil foot ball

New coach was named for Brazil foot ball team

Brazil is the one of the best foot ball team but suffers from poor form due to the top orders and the disarrangement of order of players in the field. The team is believed to get their hold in the Euro cup 2016 and everyone loves to see Brazil’s game. The team has a great history, remarkable incidents and the legends that turned the Brazil’s football history. It is always considered as the one of the most favorite team by millions of foot ball fans all around the world.

The coach, team players and the other related people will be changed if the team gives poor performance in the local club tournaments. The local club tournaments are considered as the experimental matches to test the team and to increase the confidence of the players. For the club matches also the team has some order of players to play and depends upon the performance of the players they order will be changed.

This is really challenging and also head ache for the coach that if the team gives poor performance the coach has to face issues. Dunga is the current coach of Brazil team and it is announced that the team will be changing the coach shortly. It is announced that the boss of Corinthians, who name is Tite is going to be the new coach of Brazil. Following the poor performance of the team in the local club matches the team head has planned to change the coach so that they can get qualified to the foot ball world cup and the upcoming Olympics.

They have been looking forward to make it through in the Olympics and World cup for which they think that the change of coach will change their performance. The fact is that the team has never be successful to win gold in Olympics and this time they are looking forward to make it for sure. The team struggles to find its true potential and there are wide criticisms all over the world among the foot ball lovers and fans that Brazil has to rise up and prove their real magic.

The foot ball federation of Brazil has not validated that Tite will be the coach and it is said that the official announcement will be given shortly. Officials of foot ball federation of Brazil and Tite met each other regarding this and soon a good news will be announced about the coach position.

The Brazilian Football Confederation has not confirmed the appointment, but officials there met with Tite on Tuesday. The fact is that Tite has to take a lot of efforts to change the team’s performance from lackluster to excellent and since Brazil has lost their best long ago reviving the team to be super awesome team will be a challenging task for Tite.