Brandon Marshall showcases

Brandon Marshall showcases

Brandon Marshall showcases his worst play in NFL career

It would stand as a day to forget for veteran player Brandon Marshall who was overcome by serious blunders that cost his team the Eagles to be down 24-0. It was a rough day which saw the two Ryan Fitzpatrick wheeze all along. With the absence of Chris Ivory and Eric Decker, these Ryan Fitzpatrick were nowhere to be not found as they were unable to neither play in the catch up nor be in a position of conquering deficits.

Marshall who was at the center stage of criticism claimed that it was not a good day to gamble as his efforts of making plays and pressing hard were fruitless. He said that this play as one of the worst ever in the history of NFL.

Nonetheless, a different opinion was renounced by opposition man Mark Sanchez who said that the damages made by Marshall were worth such a reward as he and everybody else knew that Marshall would not make the play but still went ahead to do so.

Marshall however responded to Sanchez remarks by claiming that he (Sanchez) is a backyard player and cannot really understand a bonehead play. He conversely accepted that his gaming today was full of crap. He persistently went on to say that he had an idea of having catching on the intercept and bringing it in but he unfortunately gave up a pick and should be blamed for that. He added that his offensive bid was evident for he was not making any play or getting it open.

Fitzpatrick made 58 throws with his initial two series comprising of a three-and-out. This was followed by 89-yard throw by Darren Sproles. Bowles claimed that Ryan was their best quarterback and if one fails to deliver in a match, it doesn’t mean that Geno Smith will resume his previous duties. This prompted Fitzpatrick to comment that to win a team doesn’t have to turn the ball over or throw it 58 times but should incorporate a new formula in every stage.

Marshall claimed that his blunders cost his team and that he was so disappointed by it. Nonetheless, he claimed that he would go over it and would try hard to help his team scoop an undisputed win in the next match.