Bournemouth vs Aston Villa Betting Review

Bournemouth vs Aston Villa Betting Review

Posted on November 16, 2023 by in Football
Bournemouth vs Aston Villa Betting Review

The new season of the English Premier League has started in England. All the teams would like to win the title before the FIFA World Cup 2022. These sides will play its essential game of the English Premier League. The match is scheduled to play on 6th August 2022. Here is a complete betting review of teams.

Latest performance of teams

According to the last six games for Aston Villa and Bournemouth, Bournemouth played six games and won 4 matches. On the other side, they also drew 2 games in a row.

If we talk about the Aston Villa playing XI, they took part in six games and won only 2 matches.

Aston failed in a couple of games and succeeded in drawing two matches.

It showed that Bournemouth is a solid team to play this game. We can predict something from these results. Bournemouth did not lose in a single round of the season.

Head to Head

Head to Head games result also played a vital role in predicting the best team from two. According to Head to head results, Bournemouth and Aston Villa faced each other in February 2020. The final result was 2-1 in favor of Bournemouth. So, the latest developments and Head to head information are taking the side of Bournemouth.


As discussed above, Bournemouth is a better team to win this game. According to the latest predictions, Bournemouth picked 28% chances to win. On the other side, Aston Villa also conceded a 44% chance of winning. The overall result of Aston Villa is reasonable as compared to other teams.

Match Detail

Match date: 6th August 2022

Title: English Premier League

Venue: England

Goals in English Premier League

We have checked that both teams did not face each other in English Premier League 2022. So, we cannot describe any information about it.

Aston Villa is also ready to play 1st game of the English Premier League Season.

Results in the last six-game

Bournemuth : W,W,W,W,D,D

Aston Villa : W,W,L,L,D,D

From this result, everyone can think that Bournemouth will easily carry the day because they did not lose in any game. Aston Villa needs to work hard if they want to win this critical game of the English Premier League.

Betting odds and tips

Aston Villa remained undefeated in two matches from the last some contests. The same side also succeeds in drawing two games.

Bournemouth did not fail in a single game from the last six matches. Bournemouth has the advantage of home ground. In the previous game, Bournemouth was the winner.


You can easily predict the best team from two if you have read all the above information and gathered information about the English Premier League. According to our experience and knowledge, Aston Villa will win this game. Undoubtedly, Head to head results and previous matches outcome favor the home side, but Aston Villa has consisted of an experienced lineup.

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