Bounty Raid Slot Review

Bounty Raid Slot Review

Bounty Raid casino is a copy of Wild West slot. Most of the functions are the same as in the last games of series.  It has terrific excellent and features to gain the attraction of players. Unfortunately, the lower volatility of play will decrease the value of it in the market. You have a chance to win all the mediocre top reward. The review of Bounty Raid will push to the players towards the success by giving him all the necessary information about the working of game.

Bounty Raid casino slot can play as online due to having smartphone and PC option in it. Online betting for Bounty Raid adopted more importance due to the prevailing situations in the entire world of disease. Here are the main functions and options for knowledge.

Functions in the Slot

There are five reels in the new product of NetEnt with the addition of only ten lines to cover. It showed that Bounty Raid slots composed of the concise area due to lower numbers of options. Player has to face some problems due to the smaller amount of return to the player once again. The other presence of all the symbols of stacked scatters and regular will help to remove the unusual features in the game working. Re-spins of Hunter and other significant features will give more result to the gamblers. Here is the betting pair for Bounty Raid Slot.

Betting Range and Payout

The betting range of any casino slot played a vital role in the entire game. Bounty Raid betting amount unlocked all the function with the minimum amount of $0.10 to the maximum of $100. You must know about your pocket before to play the casino. We have mean prizes at the end of the game that is the caused to fail the game in the market. The maker posted a minimal amount of RTP of 95% that is another bad feature in it. In the absence of progressive jackpot and mega ways, you have only options of wilds and regular symbols of balance all the game inputs and output. Free spins and multipliers will be last hope for him.

How to Play Bounty Raid Slot?

At the start, you have to rely on the icon of Bounty Hunter on the 3rd stacks of 3rd reels. This feature is available to block all the symbols of Bandits. Most of the free spins and trigger will start to come towards you. It is up to the player how he handles it. When re-spins filled your side, and then picked all the reward and prizes in the form of coins. If you succeeded to fall the Coins of Gold on the reels, then no one can stop you from winning all the symbols rewards. But, it is not too easy as in the instructions of the game.

An extensive list of re-spins will be there if you control the Sheriffs at the right time. It will match all the symbols of different kinds to win a huge prize. Three reels are responsible for gaining it. Bounty Raid will be the first and last hope for newbies to learn free games and re-spins by applying real option in the functions. Online betting behaved differently than offline. I advised the gambler to stay away from these kinds of games. Here is the theme detail of Bounty Raid slot.

The theme of Slot

We cannot make any comparison between the theme of Bounty Raid and Wild West. All the graphics and design are the same in both games. The symbols of Sheriff and Bandits are not in the Bounty Raid, but others did well. There is a small change in the images on the theme that posted some difference here. Symbols of chests, saddles and suits will give some things towards the game. It is a good and lousy theme overall.


Bounty Raid has all the appropriate features to face the other best games in the market. You have to focus on the combinations and combo features, which has a lot of rewards, jackpot and free spins for all the players. Experts are not in favor of game due to lack of lower RTP and volatility.