Bouncing and Shooting a Ball to Score

Bouncing and Shooting a Ball to Score

Shooting the ball into the basket is called Basketball. Basketball is a sport played in both indoor and outdoor. The game is played in a rectangular coach between two teams which as five players. Each player is described by a name they are as follows. The first player is known as point guard who is fastest and quickest player among the team and block the basketball ball from the opponent team. The second player is known as shooting guard who are also called as long ranged player and guards the opponent players. The third player is known as small forward who plays the game actively and score points to the team. The fourth player is known as power forward always plays with their back and gain score. The fifth player is known as centre player who uses height and size to score the points and also protect the ball from the opponent team.

The common technique followed while playing basketball is shooting, rebounding, passing, dribbling, blocking. Shooting is the method of shooting the ball into the basket to gain score to the team. While shooting the ball the player feet usually face the basket to achieve the goal. The shooting the ball depend on jumping and expanding the arm off the player. Rebounding play major role in basketball game since rebounding may happen when a player in a team misses a shot. Rebounding is differentiated into two types they are offensive rebound and defensive rebound. Offensive rebound may happen when the basketball ball is recovered from the offensive side and defensive rebound may happen when defending team gains the lost ball. Passing is the process which is called as passing the ball from one player to another player in the team without passing the ball to the opponent team. The passing are classified into different method they are chest pass, bounce pass, overhead pass and outlet pass. The chest pass is the process of passing the ball from one player chest to another player chest. The bounce pass is the process of bouncing the ball one or two times and passed to the player of the same team. Dribbling is the method of bouncing the ball continuously with one hand and shooting it into the basket. Blocking is the method of blocking the ball from the player of defender team.

The main requirement of playing basketball is basketball ball, basketball basket and basketball court. The ball must be continuously bounced to achieve the goal or to shoot it to the basket. The basketball court is a place where the match is organized. The indoor basketball court is a rectangular court made up of tiles at the end. The outdoor court is either made up of grass or cement surface. The game can also be played in beach and swimming pool. The basketball basket is another requirement for playing the game. A basketball basket is placed at the two ends of the rectangular court where the ball is thrown. A backboard is the scoring board which displays the score of each team which is vertically attached to the basketball basket.

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