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Book tracks

Book tracks: Nicolas Devilder and “Obeaux” for operational Auteuil

He plays in the big leagues coming to Auteuil and yet Nicolas Devilder only, without it being pejorative, permission to lead. Connoisseurs, his label necessarily talking about: the Obeaux. Meeting with an enthusiast who decide to change their lives 12 years ago.

Originally from the North of France, Nicolas Devilder is first in textiles and has a spinning company. The passion for horses is sent by his father but the eventing that reigns in the family. The contest-racing transition is done nicely. It was 30 years ago almost to the day, Nicolas Devilder presents its former full mate in the race, the first starting is validated.

To change your life, change area. Spouses Devilder move in Anjou. First near Meslay-du-Maine and in the Region Lion d’Angers . The property is now 85 hectares where 16 broodmares, yearlings and 2 years are dispatched. With a fresh start at age 48, Nicolas Devilder no regrets “I’m happy to have done late, I have five children I could raise them properly, with horses job is still fluctuating enough, I’m not sure that the quality of life would be the same, ” he added in stride ,” I am happy to do what I do but for my wife it was not easy. She had to leave her family and circle of friends to follow me. Fortunately she supports me because in difficult times it is better to be two! Every day I thank her. “

the Obeaux

Top: Bora of Obeaux (left) – Viking Maker (right) Bottom: Obeaux of Bahia (left) – Greenery of Obeaux (right)

It’s a family atmosphere that the training takes place, four riders on an average of four lots. This Tuesday we start the morning in second, with two runners Auteuil Sunday. The reopening of the temple obstacle will therefore be with pink gown with green peas. Vicking Maker and Bora of Obeaux will be the flag bearers. The season 2015 was excellent Porte d’Auteuil: 15 runners – 4 wins (including a Quinté + with Greenery of Obeaux ) – 7 seats (in the top 5). According to Nicolas Devilder “there is no reason why 2016 will be similar, it is the same horses and I met. “

Viking Maker therefore open the debate in the Karcimont Price on Auteuil. Bora of Obeaux be presented hurdles and refine his preparation for races on big obstacles.

In the coming weeks, Greenery of Obeaux and Bahia of Obeaux should make their comeback. The latter has been little seen in competition (3 races) but already has a victory at Auteuil when he started in the discipline of the obstacle. Nicolas Devilder speaks in this video.

The winter has been quiet for “The Obeaux” but only in France, rearing husband Devilder distinguished himself very good across the Channel , some subjects were distinguished even at Group level. Shown enough quality to run in Cheltenham , five horses are engaged in the great Festival of Mars. A magnificent showcase for what ultimately is a new breeding.