Book of Merlin Casino Slot Review

Book of Merlin Casino Slot Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Book of Merlin Casino Slot Review

Book of Merlin Casino Game which is innovative by the 1×2 Gaming at the start of the New Year, 2020. Book of Merlin would give you the basic information and about the functions¬† like the reels in the slot, betting range, RTP, multipliers, combination detail and the various beautiful graphics made the slot very attractive for the gamblers. The RTP and the payout are the two main features in any slot which a player liked to know.

Like the other casino game options, the Book of the Merlin provided the facility to the user to enjoy it in the smartphone anywhere of the global village.

Basic Functions and Features in the Slot

An amount of $250,000 could be drawn by the winner of the slot which is too impressive for the players. Having just 5 Reels and the 10 lines of pay with the betting options of the $0.10 to the $50 would be the interesting. The option of the Progressive Jackpot deleted from the slot as the RTP is up to the 95.80% which is an average for anyone.

The other sources to get some advantages are the free spins, wilds, scatter, spreading symbols, various recipe and he Book Style will go in to the favor of the users.

Betting and Payout

The usual range of betting the slot is between the only $0.01 to the $5 whereas for every round the betting option lied among the $0.10 to the $50. The symbols which will appear on the reels can give 10 pairs of the combination for the player which a booming option for the gambler. From all the working, you can win up to the $250,000 but the RTP rate can decrease you happiness and fun as it is very little.

How to Play Book of Merlin?

There is no the new feature in the slot of the Book of Merlin. The entire game is based on the clones for a long time which showed the importance of the game. This is also known as the Novomatic. The whole list invented by the Novomatic with the slot used in the mechanics as well in all the clones to face the fighters of the same kind of slot.

All the games which is made by the Novomatic associated with the Book-style but this slot has both the options of the scatter and the wild also. Wild symbols always produced the pairs and the combinations but here at the right line to mix the regular signs of the symbols. While the scatter symbols, only helped you when it showed on the reels the places of the random and draw the 10 symbols at a same time for the slot player.

If you trigger the, you will get free spins in the shape of the Book Picks and the special symbols and this symbol is the key of success to expand the whole reel in the process of the free spins. You can do it for 5 times to cover the reels also the same time. This is the only method to win the mega jackpot amount from the Book of Merlin Casino Slot Online.

People have the access to play the casino game as online and also in the stations of the casino in the countries of the United States, UK and the Australia.


The theme of the slot is looking very beautiful and attractive to get some inspiration from the people. In the slot, the roles of the book is very vital and clear to differentiate from the other but the availability of the symbols like the Staff, Pendant, Potion, Royals Multiples and the function will give a huge response in the market of the casino.


A very different and unique game of casino by the authority, which made it on the base of the Egyptian culture theme to add the Book Style in it. But, the low rate of the RTP may be problem for the maker to get users in New Year start as other competitors are amusing the players with very high Return to the Player.



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