Book of Kings Casino Game Review

Book of Kings Casino Game Review

Book of Kings is the new product of casino of the Playtech which is scheduled to release in April 2020 for all the locations of casinos in the world. The entire game of Book of Kings is based on the Ancient theme which is very impressive for the gambler and the wagers also. The Review of the game is composed of the reels, pay-lines, betting range, multipliers and the payout which played the main role to catch the gamblers of the casino. Some of the functions and features of the slot have been taken from the Book of RA which showed that the makers have not full control over it.

Book of Kings Casino slot can be played online by installing the required application and software for running the slot. Online betting adopting more importance day by day as it is very easy to enjoy the games at home.

Functions in the Slot

There are 5 pay-lines in the Book of Kings casino game with the 10 pay-lines to release the 15,000x.  The additional free spins and multipliers also enhanced the value of the game among the players and the wagers of the casino. The volatility of the slot is of high type with the Return to Player of 96.50% which is very impressive nowadays. The presence of the wilds and scatters symbols in the area of the slot to give other chances to win the combinations. Here if the information regarding the betting range of the pairs on the casino screen.

Betting Range and Payout

As we know that there are 20 pay-lines in all the area of the slot. To wager all the lines, you needed to $200 which is the maximum range of the betting from the lower of the $0.10. The lower payout from the betting is started from the 5000x to the maximum of the 15,000x the stake which is very crucial these days. The RTP also posed another best opportunity for the gamblers to increase the amount of the payout.

How to Play Books of Kings Casino Game?

No doubt, the makers of the slot took a lot of functions from the Book of Ra but they made the slot very useful at the last of the completion and posed various new options in it. The main symbols in the game are the presence of the wilds and scatter. The symbol of Book on the theme will act as a wild to replace the rewards and payout of the maximum amount which is up to the 200x.

The other best option to gain the benefit from the game is to play with the scatter symbol like the snake which will do the work of the alternate. The icon of the Book will give you ten free spins by paying nothing to the launcher of the slot. If both the features are shown on the same line as Book and Snake, then you will be happy after finding the 3x to the ten free spins. All the rewards would be the best for all the related persons to the slot. Some of the special symbols have a huge payout from the 5,000x to the 15,000x which is fixed by the developers of the game. The method to play the Books of Kings casino slot online is easy then to play it offline at the fixed point.

The Theme of the Book of Kings Casino Game

The theme of the slot of Books of Kings is the same as we have been seen in the same products of the same developers as the Playtech. The symbols of the Snakes, wilds, Horus, and reels filled all the empty areas of the slot. The look of the desert in the game would be very impressive to gain the users of casinos. The theme itself is a unique one the makers borrowed some of the features from the Book of Ra which could be the cause to decrease the popularity of the game.


All the components in the slot of Books of Kings added according to the requirements of the market. The maximum payout, high volatility, and rewards with RTP would be enough to attract the players of the casino.