Book of Cats Slot Review

Book of Cats Slot Review

The Book of Cats slot introduced some new features in the market. The style of Book and other options in the gameplay will not a big deal for all users. We are here to brief you about all the hidden behavior of symbols of the slot. They posted a decent jackpot and rewards to amuse the players. One thing takes into account that it is the only slot that has a very lower RTP. On the other hand, the manufacturer gave a lot of chances by adding some valuable symbols. There are two roles in the slot that will increase all the prizes.

Book of Cats is a new game of series, which has an option for playing online in the entire world. Online betting is a good opportunity for gamblers because of easy access. You must have experience before sitting on the seat of gambling.

Functions in the Slot

There are six reels and only 10 pay-lines for gamblers. It showed a very small area to cover in the gameplay. The lower amount of Return to Player increased the problem for players in the slot. No doubt, the developer gave a huge number of jackpots. Moreover, the presence of wilds and scatters symbols in the game favored the gamblers at a difficult time. Most of the gamblers liked to use Book style slot because of having experience in the past. It is up to the players how he handles the game. Here is the range of betting.

Betting Range and Payout

It has seven pairs for betting in the entire area of the game. You have to remain in these combos for winning the entire jackpot. On the other hand, some free spins and jackpots lifted the real value of the slot. The small amount of betting range used to open spins while the maximum amount offered to play a complete round. They would be happy after knowing the absence of progressive jackpot. Every maker of casino games left a mistake always. Experienced players have a chance to increase the rewards for him. Here is the working method for the Book of Cats.

How to Play Book of Cats Slot?

At the start of the game, you must know about the number of reels. It has six reels in the slot that is so interesting for us. You cannot cover all the reels because of even here. The Book of Cats took an opportunity to release symbols of wilds and scatters at the initial stage. A wise gambler will start to make three combinations from symbol by living in the given area. After getting bonus options, you can cover the six reels at the same time. Furthermore, make another combination through the help of it.

The symbols of wilds and scatter contributed well to the center of the game. Both the symbols will help to make all the required combinations and alternate the lower images. Free spins and trigger left a good way for us at the last time. We have a chance to pick all the symbols that left in the past. Online betting for Book of Cats will full of excitement and rewards. We are not assuring that the instructions will help you all the time. Here is the theme detail for players to know more.

The Theme of Slot

The slot has an Ancient Egyptian theme. We have worked on these kinds of games in the past. All the graphics and features are the same as in the past. Cleopatra, Book, Major symbols, and the cat played a vital role in the slot. We can change all the lower values of symbols into the valuable. Five Royals are responsible for making all the combinations and combos. Overall, Book of Cats gave a real chance to gather missed amount in the past slots. The children must stay away from gambling. It is a risk always.


The gambler will depress after knowing the small amount of Return to Player and payout. The product maker must think about the market of the casino. It is very difficult to cover the small are and 94% RTP amount. I suggest leaving it for others if you have any other chance to play.