Blood Lust Casino Game Review

Blood Lust Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Blood Lust Casino Game Review

Blood Lust Casino game is the upcoming and new slot of the Elk Studios with the additional functions and features in it. It is scheduled to release in April 2020 for all the stations and you can also play it online. The Review of the Blood Lust Casino game is composed of the reels, multipliers, symbols, stacks, betting lines and payout to give more and more to the players of the casino. The horror story in the slot is the real thing to create some kind of suspense for the users of the casino.

It can be played online and offline also. Online betting is better than offline because it saves time and you can enjoy it at home without any problem. Here is the detailed information of all the functions and features which could be in a slot.

Functions in the Slot

There are 5 reels and 99 pay-lines to cover all areas of the game which is an impressive thing for the makers and developers of the game. The RTP is a real bonus for the gambler which is up to 96%. In the absence of the progressive jackpot, you can fill your account with the high volatility and potential options in the slot. The availability of the wilds, gold, scatters and regular symbols with the top mega jackpot would be enough to catch the users for the casino.

Betting Range and Payout

Every gambler of casino wished to know that how much amount or coins is needed to do a bet on given lines or spins in any slot. This amount can be seen at the lower area of the casino screen but the Blood Lust slot added the range between the only $0.20 to the $100 which is the real amount for the used. If a gambler played well, he can pick mega jackpot of $250,000 with the help of the RTP facility. Overall, this game is a good time to get more and more opportunities to get some practice before to play high profile games.

How to Play Blood Lust Casino Game?

There are two main features in the slot like the Golden and Regular symbols to make the pairs and the combinations for the users on the reels after falling on it. Wilds symbols can also give the stacks of 40x after making the combinations to leave more jackpots. The 5th reel in the entire slot can enhance the free spins with the help of the candle symbol but if it remained stick there. All the presence symbols can give winning options after pressing the trigger button.

Stacks and mystery are the two things that played a vital role to turn into the high values symbols on the given reels. But, we cannot assure that it will give the required result as we only provided the behavior of the symbols with the possible result and outcomes.

If you want to get 15 free extra spins, you have to land the scatter symbols on the reels but only 3. The main 3 symbols that will direct to the users of the casino with the different payout from small to the higher which are related to the Dracula symbols to give the free spins. All the working of the casino games depends upon the player’s experience, not on the functions.

The Theme of the Blood Lust Casino Game

The theme of the game is based on Vampires with scary monsters and supermodels. The symbol of Dracula is the most paying in the entire slot. The suits of the cards and the bonus symbol are the other main shapes in the theme. But, in the end, the candles, wilds symbols and re-trigger posted more to the account of the wagers all around the world.


Empires and the Design with the layout are the main roles in the game of Elk Studios to gain maximum users of casinos but due to the presence of the mini payout. It could be very tough for the makers of the casino. The high volatility and RTP are the 2 causes which could give some relief to the players as well the Elk Studios.

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