The bitcoin, more and more expensive, could benefit the casino players

The bitcoin, more and more expensive, could benefit the casino players

In recent weeks, the value of the bitcoin has surged to exceed the $4,000. For many players, this may mean the jackpot as more and more online casinos are using the Bitcoin payment method. A few weeks ago we talked to you about the importance of following the evolution of the bitcoin as a casino player because it is essential to know exactly what you put and when you put it.

Beginning in mid-August 2017, the bitcoin reached a new peak in excess of $3,000 and very quickly the $4,000. He went beyond to get close to $4,400 and went down slightly. By the time we write these lines, it remains just above the $4,200 mark.

According to a Goldman Sachs analyst, the bitcoin should arrive very close to the $5,000 shortly.

The bitcoin grows wings

Always be wary of analyzes and forecasts. If these are sometimes true, it is necessary to cross the sources and the information. In the case of the one that sees the bitcoin arrive beyond the $4,800, it comes from the man who had predicted at the end of July that the bitcoin would exceed the $4,000 (its value was about $2,400 at the time of the facts) . It was the analyst Sheba Jafari who made this prediction and he must know that he knows what he is talking about.

In recent months, the number of users bitcoin has increased sharply, resulting in a slowness of transactions. One of the great advantages of the bitcoin is its speed of transfer. If it becomes slow to move, it loses some of its usefulness.

This is why it was decided to separate the blockchain from the bitcoin in two because everyone did not agree to migrate the platform. This separation has made some users who have preferred to sell their bitcoins septique before a possible fall occurs.

At the same time, the increase in bitcoin also seems to be due to geopolitical tensions in Asia (particularly with the case of North Korea). These disturbances tend to weaken the official currencies and thus benefit the bitcoin.

Exceeding gold a lot since the beginning of the year, the bitcoin went for the first time beyond the $ 3,000 per unit right after the separation of the blockchain and it took a large $1,000 more in the days that followed . According to Sheba Jafari, we should arrive just under $5,000 in the very near future.

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