Bingo Lottery

Bingo Lottery

Bingo was headquartered at the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on Sept 29, 1971, and on Sept 4, 1973, Chapter 729 of this Acts of 1973 transferred Accountability for control of the Performance of Bingo in the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety into the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission. Section 38 of Chapter 10 enabled Regulations and Rules and amended in October 1974, July 1980, Nov 1991, October 2000 and March 1994. About January 1, 1978, Chapter 219 of this Acts of 1977 transferred liability for collection of the 5 percent Bingo and Raffle/Bazaar Tax in this Department of Revenue to this Massachusetts State Lottery Commission.

Section 39A of the General Laws of Chapter 10 amended in December 1980 and enabled Rules and Regulations Controlling Certain lottery and Bazaar must be adopted. The Charitable Gaming Division of the Lottery supported the explosive growth of Bingo as the game grew from 1973 through 1984. This change provides for: Routine game prizes increased from $50 to $100 Bonus cards to allow increased interest in playing Special games with prizes not to exceed $500 – Retention of up to 5% of the Take the Winner Take All game for organizations to cover the cost of supplies – Four 50/50 games with prizes not to exceed $1, 200 – Two progressive jackpot games to pull players prizes up to $3, 000 – Good Friday game with prizes not to exceed 10 percentage of the declared prize for a given game – Expansion of the pool of volunteers to assist in the conduct of Bingo – Charity Game Ticket Changes – Allow for the sale of Charity Game tickets, or break open tickets, on the premises of charity game licensees beyond the approved Bingo hours.

All tickets provide a minimum gross profit into Bingo associations of 30% of the resale value. Tickets are sold to organizations for ten percent of their resale value, which is pre-paid upon purchase from the Commission. Bingo organizations reported $12.8 million in the selling of Charity Game Tickets during 2014. Senior Citizens Recreational Bingo Changes – Permit handicapped persons into participate in running Senior Citizens Recreational Bingo at Senior Citizens or even Golden Age Clubs for group members. Groups are required into apply for an id number in this Massachusetts State Lottery Commission, and qualified associations are provided certificates at no cost.

During 2014, this Lotter Commission had about file 920 identification numbers issued for Senior Citizens Recreational Bingo. Our field staff meets with licensees into discuss match formats and our financial staff work with licensees to explain this necessary reporting requirements. Both field and financial personnel are available into assist licensees and players and answer any questions they can have. Charitable Gaming Division, Raffles/Bazaars – Organizations with a Raffle and Bazaar permit in the local town or city clerk may have a limitless amount of raffles whilst the permit is valid.

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