Bingo brings people from all over the world together

Bingo brings people from all over the world together

“The whole process was very moving. For them being here is a big culture shock, so the emotional support is so important , “says Szwarc, who lives in Buenos Aires and began the process to receive five months ago. “The condition of the father to come to Argentina was that his daughters, who are 12 and 14, could continue studying. They speak French and are learning Spanish. And correct the translators of Arabic and learned to say thank you for your generosity , “says Szwarc.

The arrival of the first family called by the network was held by volunteers across the country. The group emerged after a posting on Facebook Mariano Winograd, who was moved by what happened, decided to become a caller of the Syrian Plan (see aside) in April, and in June he received Majd and Madle in his house in San Fernando. This Syrian couple is learning the language and have an incipient gastronomic endeavor every weekend at the Sabe La Tierra market, in San Fernando, where they carry their typical dishes. “When they opened their bag and we saw the condiments that had been brought, we asked them to cook something, and we saw that they could work,” says Winograd. The grandson of Jewish immigrants who also fled the war, he decided that before the Syrian scene and life in the refugee camps on the borders of European countries he had to do something. After becoming a caller, an Argentine priest was contacted in Aleppo, who sends the information of the families who need to come to the country, and here they get the volunteers. “We managed to convene callers for 23 families in Aleppo, Damascus, Latakia and Sweida”, held recently in Facebook .

 In Mendoza, Jimena Pizarro and his mother take Arabic lessons every Thursday, to be ready when they reach the Two Syrian families that they will receive in their homes. “We expect seven people, a marriage with a 6-year-old daughter, and another family with two children,” says Pizarro, for whom the image of Aylan, the Syrian baby who drowned on a beach, was the main motive that led her to do something. “Let’s get kids who all they know is war , “ he adds.

recently organized a bingo to raise money to cover the arrival of families , plus find them work and people to help them installed.

“When there are guys in the middle you put yourself in place of those parents and moves you to do anything , ” agrees Germán Bolatti , calling Saenz Pena, Chaco, who is waiting for a family with three boys, twins 7 years And a newborn baby with whom he is in contact via WhatsApp waiting for all the documentation they need. “With the bombings we get desperate messages, help them get out of there,” says Bolatti, who is also learning Arabic to communicate and give them more confidence as soon as they arrive. For now he got places to work and a department to live.