Billy Horschel Opened

Billy Horschel Opened

Billy Horschel opened the gate for Chris Kirk

Chris Kirk, with a little help from the Billy Horschel who missed it on the last hole and gave the advantage to the American golf player, won his second big tournament this season. The question now is will the U.S. captain Tom Watson add him in the American team for the coming Ryder Cup. That is yet to be seen.

As his second victory was coming together, he did an incredible streak of 37 shots without a miss at the TPC Boston. In the last two rounds his opponent and challenger was Rory Mcllroy, as he beat the world No.1 at his game.

Mcllroy is trying to find an alibi in the jet-lag after flying from Dubai, having previously played in the Runner-up finish behind HenrikStenson in the World Tour Championship.

He commented about his game saying that he made a really good start, but lost his game somewhere in the middle of the round around the ninth hole. He had his ups and downs the whole round, but the three birdies in one bogey, as he said, kept him back from the leading spot.

The American player Chriss Kirk commented that he does not feel entitled. It’s something that he likes to do and puts an effort into it. He joked about the trophy of the Deutsche Bank and No.1 on the FedEx Cup as well as the bonus of 1.4 million dollars, saying that’s a lot of cash for him for one day.

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Mcllroy who previously fought with the tired HenrichStenson for the Dubai, blames the jet-lag and non-sleepy nights to the fact that his shots were without power, and short.

Dubai was the first successful win for the Stanson to get on the first place in any tournament as he previously had some close matches, but at the long run he was never first and best in a match. He had couple of close calls this year. He says that he found his game, although not the best, but at least better than the others, and the motivation for the win was even better, and that’s what counts as we can see.

North Ireland’s best player Rory McIlroy and his neighbor the English Justin Rose both missed an easy shots in the last call, making things even easier for Stenson, and sharing the second palse with Dubuisson Victor. The Northern Ireland player said that he thought he was finally going to get 16 under this week, but being bad for this whole week has taken its toll. He added that it was a disappointing week and that anyone with better game could have taken in. None of the competitors managed to play their best game, therefore it’s a good time to visit the sports bet news and see the odds.