Bill Walton

Bill Walton

Bill Walton to host basketball festival at Padre’s Petco Park

Bill Walton is deemed as a legend in San Diego. He is popular for his great basketball game during his years. With this at stake, he plays host to a weeklong basketball event that would be held in baseball stadium of Padre Petco Park.

The schedule for the long week starts on the 30th day of November where Bill Walton Basketball Festival will take place to the 5th day of December. This final day of the festival will see San Diego and San Diego State take part in an outdoor men’s basket game at Petco Park.

The AP claimed that this festival will incorporate youth clinics that would be championed by Walton, high school as well as community league games and anything that Walton may decide to initiate. He may wish to have a perfect match of the free spirits, community and basketball games and many more.

Walton who has lived in San Diego for most of his life claimed that he was pleased, advantaged, esteemed and humbled to be the spear holder of the event which would see different people not from their city but across the nation get invites to play basketball at Petco Park.

He added that Petco has a duty of prevailing not in local but national basketball leagues. By going bigger, Walton meant that it would bring in Gonzaga as well as Arizona games for the upcoming 2016/17 season. More information on the anticipated festival will be made in the month of October.

Walton was quoted saying that the biggest no-brainer aspect in his entire life is solar energy. With this reference, he claimed that this event which he plays host will be his second no-brainer.

He continued to claim that his main objective is to initiate a memorable event to all where children will come and play, have fun in the event and in the end walk home saying that they have a responsibility of playing in any sport, being a good student or even undertaking the city representative responsibility. It is claimed that Walton has eyed to have an audience of approximately 18,000 in the pitch where the SDSU-USD game would take place.